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If you have ever owned  Labrador Retriever puppy you already started laughing at the title of this post. My last lab was a chewer as a pup as well, but it was so long ago my memory has faded. I am pretty sure that Iko is way worse. To give you an idea, here is a list of what she has chewed or eaten in the past few weeks:

  • A leather flip flop (see above, she did quite a nice job on this one)
  • 2 pairs of vintage prescription sunglasses and a nice bite out of the lens of a brand new pair (yes, I know, stop leaving them on the counter)
  • 2 plastic bins that we kept her toys in (BTW,red plastic comes out exactly how it went in)
  • A few indestructible dog toys from manufacturers with claims that they cannot be destroyed (they have not met Psycho Iko)
  • A couple of mouthfuls of Biotone (this is a garden fertilizer and required an emergency trip to the vet with the bag and a call to poison control. They told us it is not toxic and she will just violently projectile vomit… um, that is how we knew she ate it, but thanks.)
  • A ballpoint pen (leaving a blue birthmark on the side of her face)
  • A client’s check (perhaps she ate the pen to forge my signature on the check)
  • Countless sticks, flowers and terra cotta pots (she loves the garden)

Shall I go on? I guess you get the picture. Hey anyone want to dogsit this weekend?


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New Puppy Joy

Nothing like a daughter on twitter who has funny friends, that’s what I always say.

Yeh, the time has come for sweet little Iko to be put in her adorable puppy place. It’s one thing when she bites the ass of a family member, but the poor housekeeper… I don’t think so!

The shedevil is tons of fun and we are loving (almost) every minute of her, but the ass biting… not so much. As I said to her the other day, “No one bites MY ass without permission, kiddo.” TMI?

So, she learned to sit at 9 weeks, is closing in on giving paw and has been housebroken since we brought her home except for the occasional excited peeing for Jana’s boyfriend. But the nipping needs to be nipped, so let the games begin.

Seriously, though, how could you be mad at this face?


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Soul Hamsters

In the parking lot of a musical event I came across this decal on the back of a car. Yes, that is me in the window. I like to think of this as my Soul Hamster Self Portrait.

Of course being around music fans I immediately thought this was the name of a band. Honest mistake, right? Yeh, sure if you are in a media blackout TV deprived coma, maybe. Kia? Hamster commercials? Ring a bell?

I have to say I absolutely love these commercials. The new one is amazing from a production standpoint, but personally I think the original is real advertising genius (forgive me for using those 2 words next to each other).

In case you have missed these commercials I am embedding a couple below, because, well because I want to test out Kia’s social media monitoring and see if anyone comments here. Or better yet, offers me a car to test drive.

(BTW, don’t you think I look really good in this shot?)

Here is the original commercial:

Here is the new one:

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Dog’s Eye View

This is the Port Washington Animal Hospital

from my dog’s point of view.

We have spent a lot of time here over the past 9 months. Sweet Mel was very ill with Diabetes and dear sweet ‘Dr. Ann’ pretty much saved her life. That, of course comes at a price. Not only the dollars to keep her in insulin, but also the many visits to monitor her glucose and yadayadayada for canine health issues with an old dog.

The other day I was stopping by to pick up a bag of food and I dropped my keys. When I went to pick them up, this is what I saw. Pretty much Mel’s line of vision as we walk into the place. I had to laugh. And of course I had to grab my camera.

Do you think that the fire department purposely put the hydrant in front of a vet’s office for the laugh?


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Stinky Dog


Phone rings.

Me: (as I look at the caller ID and see it is my dog groomer) No Way! Laura? Does my dog smell that bad that you are actually calling me?

Laura: Seriously, what is going on with you? The damn dog has not been here since DECEMBER!

Me: Well, actually it is really not THAT bad, I had her groomed at the vet when she went through her diabetic episode back in… oy January.

Laura: Well, ok, that is still really bad.

Me: Have the neighbors been calling you to complain?

Laura: No, but you have to get that dog in here for a bath.

Me: Ok, book her. Hmmm… do you think I need to wash her bed now?

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Pet Toilets

This one comes from my dear friend Dani. She posted it on facebook and I knew she had me in mind. This is at South of the Border (where else?). I wonder if it is just an open field or if they have set up something cute with dividers. You know, to give the furry little creatures some privacy.

I have always been amused by the JFK Airport Pet Relief Area sign. I googled it and found this picture. You have to love the fire hydrant in the middle. To make them feel less self conscious and more at home, I suppose.

FYI, Philadelphia has 7 pet relief areas at their airport. So I am guessing that when you fly through there you best be carrying a second pair of shoes,just in case.

I know what you are thinking. Only I could write a whole post about pet toileting. Yeh well, it amuses me, what can I say?

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Top Ten Search Terms (vol. 6)

It is that time of the month again, no worries, I am not talking PMS. This is the monthly installment of the  list of wild and crazy search terms that land readers on this blog. For those who missed the past installments you can read Vol. 1 here , Vol 2. here , Vol. 3 here , Vol. 4 here and you guessed it Vol. 5 here.

 As always, I link the search term to the post I believe landed the reader here. 

Feel free to click on the links. Don’t worry, we will wait while you read the past posts.

10. does hamster cry This was one of my favorite posts. To refresh your memory, or whet your appetite, this post featured a hamster playing the piano. And the famous comment from my daughter reminding me how we froze the dead hamster in a box in the garage freezer until the spring thaw. (true AND yes, scary)

9. dog shakes smoke alarm No the dog did not shake the smoke alarm. The sound of the alarm made HER shake.

8. ny sleepaway camp for abused children G-d no! This poor reader is either misguided or was rather disappointed when they found my blog.

7. hungry tampons Um, ew! This could have been many posts as I have written about tampons a whole lot. Probably something I should take a look at.

6. men wearing tampons See what I mean. Every month I have dozens of search terms about tampons. But this one definitely landed on the Obama wearing tampons post.

5. fat old men in bathing suit This was a favorite Gary post. And in the dead of winter after yet another dumping of snow I don’t mind looking back on that beautiful beach day in August.

4. joys of pantyhose Oh, ladies, don’t we all know the joys of pantyhose. You guys should really be jealous. I love linking to this as it was my first post EVAH! And looking back on it, this could have been one of the funniest.

3. cucumber girls Oh girls, you will LOVE this cucumber!

2. moms orgasm Yeh, well, probably should think about why someone would put those two words together and sit down for a little search.

1. palin condom This one just never gets old for me!

That does it folks. Another month of reminiscing!

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Scene: Three 16-year-old boys playing xbox 360 and laughing at youtube videos all afternoon, the day after mid-terms end. My basement. (yes, the one with the crickets)

Me: I am going to get the dog groomed (no, this was not her punishment for not eating crickets, she suffers from D.O. and needed a bath). Do you guys want me to pick up anything?

Boy 1: YES, can you get me a half and half from the deli? (this deli is famous for half iced tea/half lemonade)

Me: Go ahead and order lunch and I will pick it up.

My son: Thanks mom. 

Upon my return we unpack the bag of food and I see there are only 2 sandwiches and 3 boys. 

Me: Did they forget a sandwich?

My son: No, Boy 1 only ordered a half and half.

Me: Why?

Boy 3: Because he is a manorexic!

Me: Hey, that’s funny! Did you make that up.

Boy 3: Nah

Which is true, he did not. Seems manorexic is in urban dictionary with more than one listing, my favorite of which was #2:

n. an anorexic of the male persuasion. an emaciated male.
Did you see that pathetic emo kid? He was such the manorexic.

Now please do not get all upset with me and say that I am being insensitive to a serious disorder. It is simply that I cannot resist a made up word! Think of it as my own illness! And hey, at least I was not crass enough as to put a picture with this post.
And seriously, I am not kidding here, I know that eating disorders are no joke. 

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at 50-Something Moms Blog.

For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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