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I love New York. And I equally love the ish of life. As I was parking my car today I came across this street sign. Who knew 6th Avenue had an ish… a half. A sort of in between 6th and 7th sort of street that had no purpose other than to install a stop sign (yes, a stop sign in the middle of a midtown cross street!). You know, because as the sign says, it is a Pedestrian Arcade. Really? I saw no such arcade. A lovely little restaurant with a Quinoa Bar but no arcade that I could see. A little space between 2 buildings with some cement seating and potted trees. But an arcade? Nah.

Nonetheless, the existence of a halfavenue that I never knew about made me realize that every day has a little surprise if you look.

NYC trivia… name the street this is on. (no prizes other than being able to boast about what a New Yorker you are).

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Send in the Clowns

I can’t help but think that dozens of clowns will come racing out of this truck when they lift the back up. I did not underestimate the creepiness of this vehicle.

Once again, poor Gary was urged to ‘catch up to that truck’ so I could get this shot. This is usually when he weighs in on whether it is funny or not.

A focus group of one.

When he decides what I am after is not funny enough I respond with, “fine, get your own damn blog.”

And he still makes sure I get the shot.

The man is a saint.


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I Bet You Wished

I am pretty sure this stuff gets put in front of me intentionally. Perhaps because I have a keen sensitivity to it and pay attention. I live so much of my life – both personal and professional – elbow deep in the details. That is probably why I cannot help but see this stuff. This one was actually spotted from the back seat by my daughter. The fact that my kids get this stuff and notice them is my single greatest parenting achievement (a close second is the fact that they love a good bathroom joke).

I have written about the wisdom of the universe before. In love, in artmore than once – and of course in regards to plumbing and feminine hygiene products. As you all know, that last one is something that has plagued the masses for decades.

This one? It is actually a billboard! We passed it on the way home from Brooklyn the other night. I don’t even remember where it was, but I will take a guess and say somewhere on the BQE (and no worries, I was not driving).

So here is the thing – how many tens of thousands of people pass this sign every day? This is a big commuter corridor, after all. It is going east so I am going to say most people see it on their way home at the end of the day. Does anyone actually SEE it? Do they read it and think, hmmmm, what DO I wish? What do I wish so much that someone would bet on it? And based on the tense of the sentence, what do I wish I had done in the past? Maybe you are a grammar and punctuation junkie (cough, cough, Shelly Kramer), and you wonder why there is no question mark at the end of the sentence. Or you might think, hey, is this a real billboard or graffiti? Or damn, I need to get my phone out fast and take a picture of this one (that would be all you Amytypes out there). I worry that too many people – probably the majority – pay it no mind at all. Which is the whole point of this post.

On this beautiful Sunday morning, on the back nine of the summer (that’s for all my golf peops), I would like you all to ponder what you wish today. Make it a good one. And I would be honored if you would be so kind as to share that wish… because that BS about it not coming true if you share it is old school.

What is a wish if not to share?

Happy Sunday everyone!


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Pet Toilets

This one comes from my dear friend Dani. She posted it on facebook and I knew she had me in mind. This is at South of the Border (where else?). I wonder if it is just an open field or if they have set up something cute with dividers. You know, to give the furry little creatures some privacy.

I have always been amused by the JFK Airport Pet Relief Area sign. I googled it and found this picture. You have to love the fire hydrant in the middle. To make them feel less self conscious and more at home, I suppose.

FYI, Philadelphia has 7 pet relief areas at their airport. So I am guessing that when you fly through there you best be carrying a second pair of shoes,just in case.

I know what you are thinking. Only I could write a whole post about pet toileting. Yeh well, it amuses me, what can I say?

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Move Over Law?

If you have been driving on a highway lately you might have noticed the latest alert on the road signs:

New Law. Move over for stopped emergency vehicles.

Does this not see obvious? Call me crazy, but do people opt to slam into the back of a stopped vehicle as opposed to moving over? To the point where a law had to be passed?!

I saw this on the road a few times and wondered… what the hell? I did not think about it much till someone brought it up to me today out of the blue, “Hey, Amy, I know you are the type to ponder this sort of thing. Have you seen those new signs on the highway? New Law…” at this moment we both said it together, “Move over for stopped emergency vehicles.”  What does that MEAN?! Throughout the rest of the evening I asked a few more people who also did not get it. Some thought it meant to move to the right when you see an emergency vehicle in your rear view but the sign specifically says stopped emergency vehicles. And that the move to the right thing is surely not a new law… it is on the permit test for G-d’s sake!

Ok, you know I could not leave that one alone. So I googled it. And yikes! How did we not have this law sooner. I urge you all to go over to and read why this law came to be. It seems that idiot drivers would not change lanes when they saw the stopped vehicle on the side of the road, and the cop getting out of the car would get popped by the careless driver. How sad is that? Warning, some scary graphic vid on that site.

It would appear from google image search that there is a major awareness campaign going on for this. Color me stupid, but I seemed to have missed it. And I suppose most of my friends did, too.

So… what started as a what the hell funny story has now become a sort of a public service announcement.

Because, you know; I can be that way.


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Love it or Get the Hell Out?

Talk about overzealous patriotism. I am not sure what would possess someone to paint this on the back of their truck. Do we really need more hostility on the road? Do we need to shove the U. S. of A. down the throats of  immigrants, visitors or citizens for that matter?

Is is not enough to simply ‘like’ this country. In this era of facebook the word ‘like’ has a pretty positive connotation. It crosses the board of things we love, like, just simply think we are aligned with…

I felt compelled to wait to see who got into this truck. But then I was a little afraid that if I did not love the shirt he was wearing he would have told me to get the hell out of the parking lot.



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A Big Florida Welcome

Yes, I am back in the Sunshine State, and I use that term loosely this season.

This is a billboard as you get out of the airport towards I95. Nothing like making the tourists feel at home as soon as they arrive.

Stay tuned for more stories.

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