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Subterranean Homesick Blues

In Dylan terms, that means I miss the basement!

If you have not been following along, I have had not one, but two floods and countless craziness that has misplaced first my stuff and then me, from the basement office.

I am happy to report that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully not with a runaway train right behind it) and I am starting to believe I might actually get back in the newly renovated office soon. (define soon).

Here is why I have confirmed that working upstairs is not for me. Yesterday would be a perfect example.

8am-10am: House renovations across the street on one side reach a fevered pitch

10am-12pm: House on the other side takes down a tree and woodchipper whines on for 2 hours

12pm-1pm: Fall clean-up with the gardener at the next door neighbor

1pm-3:30pm: landscapers come to roto-till my yard since the waterproofers left a big section of dirt (aka mud) after the drywall went in.

So, pretty much that was a solid 7 and a half hours of white noise.

No can do.

Of course that did not hold a candle to the 5 hours of jackhammering in the basement last Wednesday from the waterproofers. (that my son slept through, BTW)

So my friends, it is almost back to the basement for this noise sensitive lunatic. And I couldn’t be happier.


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Time to Cry Tuesday – The Joy of Puppies

Yeh, pretty corny post title. And yes, I have become that weird girl that posts pictures of puppies on her Facebook page. And I am damn proud of it.

For those who are not regular readers, I lost my best friend on earth almost 8 weeks ago. Mel, my Lab of almost 13 years, died suddenly and took me down. I literally cried for 3 weeks.

And then I stopped.

I realized, I am a dog person. As simple as that. I am not the type of person who can walk into their house and not have a four-legged heartbeat burst with joy at the site of me. Let’s face it, I am a canine-induced egomaniac. And I am not embarrassed to say that life without that unconditional love was simply too hard for me. This does not mean I am over the loss of Mel. Or that I could ever replace her. It is more a testament to what an amazing dog she was that I needed to have another right away.

So I would like to introduce you all to the next chapter in my dog-loving life:

Iko Iko Levinson.

For those who are music fans or hail from New Orleans, you will say things like, ‘Hey now’ or ‘cool’ or ‘which version, Dr. John or the Grateful Dead?‘ Or if you are a real music fan, ‘The Dixie Cups

If you are not a music fan, click this link to read about the song and it’s lore, and click the artists above to hear all the versions.

She has been home with us only a couple of days but we have already learned this one undeniable truth:

It is simply impossible to be sad in the presence of a puppy.



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Time to Cry Tuesday – The Horoscope and the Fortune Cookie

I always pride myself in keeping a sense of humor through acute times. It is my defense mechanism and it has served me well. But I also know that stress is cumulative. And sometimes it gets the better of you. (could this explain the hives that have started around my ankles and are making a journey up my body this past week?)

Last week during the great flood of 11.11, when my washing machine decided to regurgitate its contents all over the side of the basement that was NOT being renovated, I started to… well I started to lose my shit. Not only did my sense of humor start to wane, but I actually began to panic; something I try never to do.

While the wonderful team from ServPro was dragging out wet carpets and ruined moldings, I was dismantling my office to move upstairs. There on my desk I found a fortune that said, “Your sense of humor always serves you well.”

Talk about a sign.

Then this weekend someone’s Facebook status was the Virgo horoscope for the day:

Well, talk about wake up call #2.

So, my friends, for those of you who have ‘been a little confused’ I would like to say I am back! Being a drag is a drag. And just to prove it I will show you this photo I snapped while leaving Whole Foods today. Just asking, is that what they mean by ‘Beyond’?

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I Got Lucky

I thought it was rather funny when I pulled up behind this car after having a SECOND flood in my basement.

Just asking, was this the universe f’ing with me again or just a coincidence?


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Time to Cry Tuesday – This Old F’in House

Ok, so it’s almost Wednesday. Consider this the late edition of Time to Cry. Read on and you will understand why.

Some people find the sound of rushing water soothing. Unless, of course, said rushing occurs…


For those who have not been following, I am in the midst of the never ending office renovation spawned by basement water during the hurricane. I have purged and cleaned to the point of delirium, having reached the final stages of hacking up large office furniture and waiting for the waterproofer for weeks on end.

Enter the great washing machine fail of 2011. Yes, folks, the washer that resides in a neat little laundry closet nestled on the other side of the wall from my desk (the living on the fault line analogy does not escape me at this moment), decided to crap out in a big way yesterday morning. And with its final act of FU upon me, it flooded the OTHER room in the basement that was housing the entire contents of my office.

Have you ever heard of those people that get an adrenaline rush and can lift cars? Well this was my save the files/supplies/artwork, books, whatever the hell else I could not part with version of that feat.

It was triage, I tell you. And I was failing at first. Things like panic set in. You know that emotion that never helps any situation. So there I was with wet feet, water spewing and panicking. Not pretty. After wetvaccing with the cap off, spewing the water back onto the floor while simultaneously trying to bail out the washing machine with a wonton soup container, I was fortunate enough to have my dear friend Karen show up and pretty much snap me back into prioritizing solutions. Karen has been voted the person I will call to help bury the body. I will forgive her for asking this ill-timed question when looking around the room, “THIS is what you classified as purging? You may still want to get rid of some of this stuff… Hoarder!)

A huge I can never, ever, EVER thank you enough as long as I live to Tony and his crew of the happiest, most competent men from ServPro of Great Neck/Port Washington who came in here and saved the day. Seriously, I hope you never need them, but if you ever have water, fire, mold… call these guys before you do anything else. They are the bomb. Tony sat calmly at my table, told me this was ‘really no big deal’, had me sign all the papers while telling me that he would be out by 5 (this was at 3). ‘Um, you and what army?’, I asked.

And then then the doorbell rang and in came the army.

His guys were gentle with my stuff, respectful of my OCD need to stay organized and neat to the point of sweeping, mopping and hauling off every bit of garbage and debris. They were a whirling dervish of organized chaos. I loved when ‘C’ came in and reminded his guys, “Safety first”.

All this done with genuine smiles! Man I love these guys.

Silver lining… now the office is empty and I can paint. Want to help pic colors?


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Kangaroo Men

On the road yesterday we saw this van that made me laugh. I kept trying to think about how funny it would be if the guys that worked for them were dressed up in kangaroo costumes. I tried to think about what these costumes would look like and did a quick image search on ‘kangaroo men’.

Wouldn’t you know I found the perfect shot. I can’t tell if these are the same guy photoshopped together or triplets in kangaroo costumes which is funny on so many levels.

You do lose a little something without the pouch but I guess that would just be for kangaroo women. Yeh, I know, it is amazing what I will do to waste time.

Anyway, shout out to Kangaroo Men Movers for entertaining me on an otherwise quiet drive. Love the tagline: We Hop to It.

And of course to Gary for slowing down so I could take the shot. Hey Jana, you did not think that the van was that funny. What do you say now?

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Singing Teenagers

Sometimes I am so busy taking pictures it does not occur to me that I should stop and buy the damn thing. This photo was taken at the Brooklyn Flea. They have the best collection of nonsense you can ever find. I always get so caught up in the whole atmosphere of the place that I make the mistake of not making a purchase.

I particularly love the hyphen in Teen-agers. It was if the word had just started catching on.

I am hoping this is still there next week. I was dying to see the inside of this book and of course was able to find it on ebay. It is a songbook from 1954! It can’t get any better, can it? The illustrations are to die for.

I take great comfort in knowing I can buy it there if the Flea is out of it next week.



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Time To Cry Tuesday – You Don’t Want the Chicken

I live in a wonderful community, one where people come out of the woodwork to rise to the occasion and come to the aid of anyone in need. I have been on both sides of this practice and let me tell you, being the receiver of this kindness is a lot more difficult.

When a family is in a crisis of any kind – usually health or loss – our community springs into action and gets things done… in a big way. Dinners are sent in, carpools are covered, birthday gifts are wrapped and rides to parties and after school activities are covered. This army of giving jumps into action at a moment’s notice and no one bats an eye at getting the job done.

I have a friend who is currently in this place right now. We have the best job of all, we get to dog sit during the day while she goes to work. Talk about reciprocal giving! (for those who are not regular readers, we lost our dog a month ago and cannot get used to a dogless house). She and I were sitting in my kitchen yesterday talking about how overwhelming it is to receive such kindness. My first thought was about the chicken dinner on Friday nights. In the Jewish faith, a friday night – or Shabbat dinner, usually showcases a chicken. Jews feed for comfort and there is nothing more comforting than a roast chicken dinner.

As she voiced how difficult it is to take in all this kindness when you are a relatively private and self sufficient family, it came to me…

You don’t want to be the one that gets the chicken!

Giving the chicken is cool. Making the chicken is wonderful. Dropping off the chicken feels so good because there is so little you can do to help someone close to you who is suffering. But GETTING the chicken? Oy, that is the ultimate admission that you are in a time of need; a time of crisis.

I am thinking that the damn chicken might have been the thing that broke me in my darkest hours.

Anyone else get that?

But in all seriousness, there is never a day that goes by that I am not grateful for what this town has shown it can do for its own; and making it look so easy in the process. It is a very special place indeed.

FYI, this family has used a wonderful website called lotsahelpinghands to help manage their needs. I urge you to check this out, while I hope that you never need to use it. Their tagline is ‘Create Community’; in our case it is simply ‘Enhance Community’.

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Justin Bieber Killed My Cat

A huge fan of graffiti, I am always on the lookout for exceptional pieces. This one is wonderful on so many levels. The message, of course, is hysterical. What else will we accuse the boy wonder of this week?

The color is to die for… electric blue times 10,000. The random white and yellow scribbles, complete with drip marks give this construction site a feeling of authenticity. And the broken piece of the wall is just perfect.

All in all I feel like a day out shooting was successful based solely on this image… and there are at least a dozen more that I took today that are blogworthy.

Oh, I am so easily pleased!

Any other Bieber accusations that anyone wants to share?


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Discouraging Pumpkin Abuse

Ok, we get the don’t touch part, but don’t kick?

I like that they said thank you.



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