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Justin Bieber Killed My Cat

A huge fan of graffiti, I am always on the lookout for exceptional pieces. This one is wonderful on so many levels. The message, of course, is hysterical. What else will we accuse the boy wonder of this week?

The color is to die for… electric blue times 10,000. The random white and yellow scribbles, complete with drip marks give this construction site a feeling of authenticity. And the broken piece of the wall is just perfect.

All in all I feel like a day out shooting was successful based solely on this image… and there are at least a dozen more that I took today that are blogworthy.

Oh, I am so easily pleased!

Any other Bieber accusations that anyone wants to share?


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I was already in love with you by then…

This could be my favorite graffiti ever! The guy behind me on Prince Street was none to happy about me stopping a little too long as the light turned so I could get this shot, but it was worth it.

I kept trying to think of what the next line should be:

I was already in love with you by then…

… so it was not necessary for you to try to impress me.

… but it was fun to watch you still working it.

… so the fact that you made the effort was even more endearing.

Ok, a little too romance novel for you. How about these:

… so it was no wonder I did not care that you had just puked on my shoes.

… so  I overlooked the fact that you were wearing that shirt.

… but I am not all that sure I was into you leaving the bathroom door open just yet.

Ok, time to open this one up in the comments. Don’t be shy, you know you want to throw one in here.




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Check Stalls for Feet

A big thank you to Susan M for this great shot from the bathroom at Madison Square Garden. I do so love bathroom messages. Here is one from a stall in the mall and another from The Nitty Gritty in Madison, WI.


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Just call me Kimmie O’Chaos


I LOVE this name. If I had any musical talent this might be my stage name. It is so fitting. As was the circumstance in which I found myself behind this truck. I was on the way to the doctor for another in a series of bizarre ailments. No, my burning mouth syndrome has not flared up again, this is something new… ish.

Other people get bug bites. Me? I get the mother of all swell up and fear anaphylactic shock type bug bites. Gary can be sitting in the same spot and not get a single bite. I am like his fly strip! I have taken more than one trip to the the ER for bee stings, but this sucker was just a mosquito. 

Doc walks in. Says “Wow”. (is that a diagnosis?) Writes a scrip for some industrial strength steroid cream and tells me to call if it gets worse. 

Define worse.

Ok, so I have one arm that looks like I have been pumping iron and the other, not so much.

My life is always one long emergency. Even now, in the slow dog days of summer with no real crisis on the horizon, no kids home, work quiet and managable, something always seems to pop up.

I guess you can just call me Kimmie O’Chaos. (seriously, doesn’t that name kill you? I am so easily amused).

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