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Inspirational AND Groovy

How can you possibly NOT want to see this show. I mean, if inspirational were not enough, groovy should surely get you going on this one. And that tagline: A New Alice. A New Musical.

What more is there to say?


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Happy Garbage

Yes, Dr. J, it is time for another garbage post. This scarecrow sort of gave me the creeps. One, because of the horror movie smile, two because I couldn’t see its eyes and three, quite frankly because it took these people six months to toss the Halloween decorations. Seriously, can you imagine the crap they have in their house?

Sorry there was no Mel in this picture, I think the scarecrow creeped her out too.

In case any of you were wondering, no, none of my neighbors have yet to call me on my Garbology photo-taking practices. The key is walk early in the morning.

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Loris is the New Teacup Pig

I know. Last week I said that the mini-giraffe was the new teacup pig. But c’mon, kiddies, we all know that those aren’t real (sorry @sonjagarelick, I hate to be the one to break that to you, honey). How did I live all these years without ever hearing of a Loris.

Today someone a work team posted this on one of our walls. I could not stop watching it. I am pretty sure that a curly-headed little Badger just might have to get one for a graduation present (because the idea of a pig, teacup or otherwise doesn’t seem all that kosher to me). Although, I am a little concerned about how Mel will handle it.

I dare you to watch this and not want one.

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Time to Cry Tuesday – May is the New June

When you are a parent of school-aged children, June is one of those months when you think your head is going to explode. There are end of year picnics, concerts, class parties, playoffs and art shows… the list goes on. Every night and weekend is filled with activities. Forget about work schedules and any other outside the family pressures; they all seem to have to take a back seat. Over the years, June started to sneak into May.

And then the kids grew up, went off to college and all of the ‘stuff’ was gone. Did I miss it? Maybe a touch, but not the frenzy.

Enter college graduation weekend.

Halfway across the country.

With all 4 grandparents (I know, AMAZING, right?)

AND Danny, the freshman, moving out of his dorm the same weekend.

With a final at 5PM on Friday.

The Mother of all Mays!

So, as April gently rolls to an end I am beginning to spend my time as the family concierge again. Chief Shlepping Officer. The Grand Puba of Details. There are lists and spreadsheets, reservations and arrangements; all the things that were second nature to me for all those years. I am not going to lie, I am a little rusty. But you know, it’s sort of like riding a bike.

Did someone say empty nest?

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Happy 22 @Janabelle25

Twenty-two years ago on April 25th I packed a bag and went to the hospital for what I like to call natural childbirth; no jewelry/no makeup. Due to her famous determined disposition, my sweet little girl was frank breech and a C-section was in order. In an archaic and barbaric procedure effort to turn her, the doc convinced us to try a procedure called external version. She basically flipped him the bird and turned right back to the position she had chosen in utero – head up.

That’s my girl! I am happy to report, 22 years later the very personality trait that forced a C-section is one of the most wonderful things about her. If she puts her mind to it… it’s hers. Three weeks shy of college graduation this will certainly come in handy.

When you give birth you don’t think much past babyhood, maybe a shade into toddlerhood. But you surely do not think that 22 years would fly by this fast (yes, I sound like a corny song) or that the infant that scared the hell out of you when you first brought her home would turn into one of your favorite people on earth to go shoe shopping with. Or watch a movie with. Or go to a concert with. Or, or, or… you get what I mean.

So, to the girl who makes me laugh when I don’t think I have it in me, who is my biggest fan, my number one focus group and the very light of our lives (with her brother of course), we wish you the very happiest of birthdays and we thank you for making us a family 22 years ago.

Comments on this post will be forwarded to her so please excuse the shameless mommy promotion and fire away. And for all of you on twitter, if you could wish her a Happy Birthday and fill her stream I would be very grateful. She is @janabelle25 and I guarantee if you follow her you will find her tweets are always pretty clever and fun. She might kill me but here are but a few of my faves:


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Menu items


This was a banner weekend for people sending me amusing pics and messages. The picture above was a winner, for sure. Thanks to Paul and Paula (yes I actually know a couple named Paul and Paula). They spotted this on Houston Street and snapped a pic to send me.

Gary and I can’t figure out if this was a joke, or a disgruntled employee leaving a final FU before they left.

If I had to name the one thing I love the most about blogging, it would be that I have created an infectious desire to stop and notice the funny things around us every day. Taking pictures and sharing them brings it to the next level. Not long ago people would just pass these things by, but with the popularity of social sharing this has become more commonplace.

Again, I am a trendsetter. And again it’s not billable (sorry Gary).

Thanks P and P, for thinking of me.


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The Fortune

Yes, I have mad Photoshop skills, but no I did not create this fortune. This sucker was in my cookie tonight. Seriously, who else would get this?

So, I will agree. Why not? No good reason.

And yes, I admit it – I am intrigued.

Ok, so should I be looking around for something in particular or just keep myself open to the possibilities?

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