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More than half my life

Today marks the day 26 years ago that Gary and I were married. The day was an amazing, sunny, 85 degree day (because we were married in a loft with no AC), Gary had a bird crap on his Armani suit the day before (which my mom told him was good luck) and we… ahem… sort of ran out of food at the buffet. (don’t ask). We still had a great time (there was plenty of alcohol and music)

The good news is, my mom must have been right because 26 years later I have crossed over to being married to him for more than half my life.

Scary, right? Hey, who else would indulge my ridiculous behavior to the point where he joined right in. This is the man who steps into scenes so I can photograph him in them, loves zombies and leaves me notes to let me know the dog has been fed and had her insulin shot. He tolerates my crazy antics, like losing a ring in the back seat of the car and still makes me laugh when I am acting like a crazy old hag. So what if his hearing is not what it used to be. I mean this man shares my love for the Odd Couple to the point that he once bought me a set of bootleg videos of the entire series. That’s love!

We celebrated tonight by going to dinner and seeing Paul Simon at the Beacon Theatre. As we sat in that beautiful place full of history, in the company of friends who we have our own history with, listening to the music that we raised our kids on, I thought… hmmm, THIS is what it is all about.

Not the traffic on the way in or the cancelled LIRR trains. Not his last minute work emergencies that almost threatened his appearance at dinner. Not the day to day hassles or the hectic pace. It was about sharing the music we love. In that jewel of a theatre that is so dear to us. In the city that we began our life together in.

The music was layered and sophisticated. ‘The only living boy in NY’ treated us to inspired new compositions mixed with old nostalgic favorites. The day melted away and we were just us. Doing what we love best.


Happy Anniversary G! (and yes I know this has been the best 40 years of your life)

(oh and of course a big thank you to my other husband, Dr. Jimmy, for getting us the tickets)


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Inspirational AND Groovy

How can you possibly NOT want to see this show. I mean, if inspirational were not enough, groovy should surely get you going on this one. And that tagline: A New Alice. A New Musical.

What more is there to say?


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Hair. 40 years later.

I will be shamelessly self-promoting my new photo blog, leaving the zip code, here from now on. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. Let’s see if some of you will take the ‘submit’ challenge.

Last night, thanks to Dr. Jimmy the quintessential NY connection man, I was fortunate to see a performance of Hair in Central Park. (I love that they call it “The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical”)

A truly magical New York moment. The weather was perfect, the crowd was thrilled to be there and the performers were spectacular. We appreciated it all the more as we had been rained out a few weeks ago. Kind of like getting a cool hair(re)do.

40 years later we are struggling with many of the same issues:

• A senseless war (thank goodness without a draft)

• Generational misunderstandings (if I read one more friggin’ blog post where parents complain about their teenagers I will scream. Get a grip out there for G-d sakes. You sound worse than you thought your parents did.)

• Dissatisfaction with ‘the man’ (whoever he/she is at the moment)

• Young people trying to find themselves. (baby boomers, hippies, punkers, gen x, y and z – no joke, they had to stop naming them because they hit the end of the alphabet. how about gen AA – like theatre seats)

Now here are some interesting observations that ran through my very noisy head during the show:

1. Hippies begat capitalists

2. Better yet, hippies BECAME capitalists!

3. Clothing: for young women – almost the same! Walk into Urban Outfitters, you can see my entire 9th grade wardrobe. Moms, fyi, if you wore it the first time around chances are you should leave it on the racks for your daughters. Go classic, much more becoming.

4. I am pretty sure I must have owned the soundtrack to this show because somehow I knew the words to almost every song, even the obscure ones! (…I met a boy named Frank Mills, on September the 12th right here, in front of the Waverly, but unfortunately, I lost his address…)

5. And last, but not least, I rekindled my undying love for the City of New York, where you can walk into Central Park on a Thursday night at the tail end of the summer and be reminded about how good it is to be alive. (ok, so maybe I drank the NY Cool-aid last night, give me a break. I had a hard week).


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