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Kangaroo Men

On the road yesterday we saw this van that made me laugh. I kept trying to think about how funny it would be if the guys that worked for them were dressed up in kangaroo costumes. I tried to think about what these costumes would look like and did a quick image search on ‘kangaroo men’.

Wouldn’t you know I found the perfect shot. I can’t tell if these are the same guy photoshopped together or triplets in kangaroo costumes which is funny on so many levels.

You do lose a little something without the pouch but I guess that would just be for kangaroo women. Yeh, I know, it is amazing what I will do to waste time.

Anyway, shout out to Kangaroo Men Movers for entertaining me on an otherwise quiet drive. Love the tagline: We Hop to It.

And of course to Gary for slowing down so I could take the shot. Hey Jana, you did not think that the van was that funny. What do you say now?

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If you kiss this bag will it turn into a prince?

This one was sent to me by a reader as it has MFTA written all over it. Yes folks, these are none other than authentic…

toad purses.

Yeh, I know, you don’t know how you lived without one of these up until now. Well, no worries, you can get one here. And it seems you will be doing your part for the environment by ‘keeping the cane toad population down’. Yep, that has been of huge concern to both myself and my extended family! You should consider buying one for a friend because, you know, ‘cane toad novelties make unique and unusual gifts’.

I’ll say!

These babies are almost as good as the famous rat slippers. What a lovely ensemble the two would make!

Thanks J., for sending me the link.


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