Prozac Country


Sometimes you are driving down the road, you are weary from a long trip and the conversation has long since died down. Then out of nowhere a visual gift is placed before you. Sometimes your husband points it out and then actually thinks that he is not obligated to turn that damn car around and pull over so you can take the shot. (guess who won that argument).

I kid you not, my friends, no retouching here. This is not one of those funny church sign generator images. This is the real deal.

Stuck in the worst kind of traffic on the way home from the Adirondacks, we took a side route and ambled upon someone’s front lawn with this sitting on it. Talk about the mother of all lawn ornaments. This blows away the frogs and bunnies. If you don’t believe this is for real, take a drive down route 199 in Milan, NY and you will find this yourself. It is between the Rhinebeck Bridge and the Taconic State Parkway.

After a 5 hour drive one could surely use a million milligrams of Prozac.

(please note the Keep Out sign in the bottom left corner, guess that means they don’t share)

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5 responses to “Prozac Country

  1. Liz

    Do they do delivery?!

  2. That is so bizarre. I have a feeling our community covenants would not allow such lawn art, but….

  3. Ivy Mindlin

    This is way too funny. we’re going up next weekend to the Adirondacks, was the detour a great save on time!!!!

  4. Wow, talk about advertising. I guess they get all their happy pills for free for having this in their yard!
    Glad you got the shot cuz nobody would’ve believed it!

  5. Admin

    now those are neighbors I’d love to have in my hood.

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