Love it or Get the Hell Out?

Talk about overzealous patriotism. I am not sure what would possess someone to paint this on the back of their truck. Do we really need more hostility on the road? Do we need to shove the U. S. of A. down the throats of  immigrants, visitors or citizens for that matter?

Is is not enough to simply ‘like’ this country. In this era of facebook the word ‘like’ has a pretty positive connotation. It crosses the board of things we love, like, just simply think we are aligned with…

I felt compelled to wait to see who got into this truck. But then I was a little afraid that if I did not love the shirt he was wearing he would have told me to get the hell out of the parking lot.



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4 responses to “Love it or Get the Hell Out?

  1. Bonnie Brockett

    once again – you are too funny!

    I guess we are a little more Patriotic these days but that’s not a bad thing considering this & that . . .

  2. Wow! I can’t say that I’m surprised by this sign, but I’m confused as to what the person who painted it is actually trying to say. Does he or she (I know, it most probably is a he) realize that it makes no sense. There’s a lot that I love about America, but no country is perfect. What could be more American than trying to change the things that we don’t like so that we can make it better? Ray

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