Move Over Law?

If you have been driving on a highway lately you might have noticed the latest alert on the road signs:

New Law. Move over for stopped emergency vehicles.

Does this not see obvious? Call me crazy, but do people opt to slam into the back of a stopped vehicle as opposed to moving over? To the point where a law had to be passed?!

I saw this on the road a few times and wondered… what the hell? I did not think about it much till someone brought it up to me today out of the blue, “Hey, Amy, I know you are the type to ponder this sort of thing. Have you seen those new signs on the highway? New Law…” at this moment we both said it together, “Move over for stopped emergency vehicles.”  What does that MEAN?! Throughout the rest of the evening I asked a few more people who also did not get it. Some thought it meant to move to the right when you see an emergency vehicle in your rear view but the sign specifically says stopped emergency vehicles. And that the move to the right thing is surely not a new law… it is on the permit test for G-d’s sake!

Ok, you know I could not leave that one alone. So I googled it. And yikes! How did we not have this law sooner. I urge you all to go over to and read why this law came to be. It seems that idiot drivers would not change lanes when they saw the stopped vehicle on the side of the road, and the cop getting out of the car would get popped by the careless driver. How sad is that? Warning, some scary graphic vid on that site.

It would appear from google image search that there is a major awareness campaign going on for this. Color me stupid, but I seemed to have missed it. And I suppose most of my friends did, too.

So… what started as a what the hell funny story has now become a sort of a public service announcement.

Because, you know; I can be that way.


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4 responses to “Move Over Law?

  1. I love your public service announcements 😀

  2. Christ. You mean people don’t get out of the way if there’s a siren for an ambulance or fire truck or police coming from behind them? WTF?

    I mean, that’s a given over here. We just get out of the way without even thinking about it.

    What is wrong with people? Jeez.

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