Scene: Three 16-year-old boys playing xbox 360 and laughing at youtube videos all afternoon, the day after mid-terms end. My basement. (yes, the one with the crickets)

Me: I am going to get the dog groomed (no, this was not her punishment for not eating crickets, she suffers from D.O. and needed a bath). Do you guys want me to pick up anything?

Boy 1: YES, can you get me a half and half from the deli? (this deli is famous for half iced tea/half lemonade)

Me: Go ahead and order lunch and I will pick it up.

My son: Thanks mom. 

Upon my return we unpack the bag of food and I see there are only 2 sandwiches and 3 boys. 

Me: Did they forget a sandwich?

My son: No, Boy 1 only ordered a half and half.

Me: Why?

Boy 3: Because he is a manorexic!

Me: Hey, that’s funny! Did you make that up.

Boy 3: Nah

Which is true, he did not. Seems manorexic is in urban dictionary with more than one listing, my favorite of which was #2:

n. an anorexic of the male persuasion. an emaciated male.
Did you see that pathetic emo kid? He was such the manorexic.

Now please do not get all upset with me and say that I am being insensitive to a serious disorder. It is simply that I cannot resist a made up word! Think of it as my own illness! And hey, at least I was not crass enough as to put a picture with this post.
And seriously, I am not kidding here, I know that eating disorders are no joke. 

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