New Puppy Joy

Nothing like a daughter on twitter who has funny friends, that’s what I always say.

Yeh, the time has come for sweet little Iko to be put in her adorable puppy place. It’s one thing when she bites the ass of a family member, but the poor housekeeper… I don’t think so!

The shedevil is tons of fun and we are loving (almost) every minute of her, but the ass biting… not so much. As I said to her the other day, “No one bites MY ass without permission, kiddo.” TMI?

So, she learned to sit at 9 weeks, is closing in on giving paw and has been housebroken since we brought her home except for the occasional excited peeing for Jana’s boyfriend. But the nipping needs to be nipped, so let the games begin.

Seriously, though, how could you be mad at this face?


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6 responses to “New Puppy Joy

  1. Riki

    I need the name of the trainer. we have the same problem with Boomer and he is over a year!!!!!

  2. There is no way that adorable creature is an assbiter!!! Actually? Yeah, the cuteness lets her get away with it.

    Great post.

  3. Cannot be mad at that face! We had a good laugh over Iko’s latest antics.

  4. e enelson

    omg..the face!!!she knows!!!

  5. hilarious! and thus the work begins . . . MAN she is adorable. that face!

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