The Bitch is Back

Once again, I stumble upon the absurd. This time I had my girls with me – Jana and Natasha. They pointed her out and we could not believe our luck. Sitting innocently in the brand new 16 Handles in town, enjoying a little froyo delight, this woman comes walking in with 3 middle school boys. To be perfectly honest, we were first distracted by her definitely, but not intentionally, dyed magenta hair – this was a redhead gone bad situation. Then we were aghast at the size of the frozen yogurt with many toppings that she had chosen. I am not sure I could eat that much on a dare.

As she was perusing the extensive toppings bar the girls saw it; that unbelievable embroidered declaration on her left arm : The Bitch is Back.

Now let’s think about this. As always, I wonder who designs these things in hopes that someone will buy them. Then I want to know, did she buy this for herself as a warning to her spouse/family or was this a holiday gift from her husband who was merely stating the obvious? Yet this chick wore it proudly. And on a pink hoodie, no less.

Insult to injury.

I am guessing by the varied clientele moving through this 16 Handles I am going to spend some serious time there with a camera. And yes, my friends, this one gets the MFTA approval – the last one of 2011.

Looking forward to another year of bringing you the most ridiculous things that life has to offer. May you all be safe tonight and remember, if the bitch is back, wear it.


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4 responses to “The Bitch is Back

  1. I think you should start a walking tour in PW, or maybe map it on Broadcastr. I would like the personal MFTA tour though.

  2. I don’t what’s worse– someone proudly displaying this as her slogan, or me, feeling like I’m channeling my granny saying “what is this world coming to?”
    Free speech in one of its less proud hours.
    Oye. Magnet for the Absurd indeed!

  3. Judy

    I plan on spending ALOT of time in 16 Handles–hoping you don’t photograph me with a VERY large amount of froyo…..I definitely won’t have magenta hair….or be wearing a sweatshirt that says “the bitch is back” …….

  4. Thanks for the shout out. I’m glad I had my camera!


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