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The Bitch is Back

Once again, I stumble upon the absurd. This time I had my girls with me – Jana and Natasha. They pointed her out and we could not believe our luck. Sitting innocently in the brand new 16 Handles in town, enjoying a little froyo delight, this woman comes walking in with 3 middle school boys. To be perfectly honest, we were first distracted by her definitely, but not intentionally, dyed magenta hair – this was a redhead gone bad situation. Then we were aghast at the size of the frozen yogurt with many toppings that she had chosen. I am not sure I could eat that much on a dare.

As she was perusing the extensive toppings bar the girls saw it; that unbelievable embroidered declaration on her left arm : The Bitch is Back.

Now let’s think about this. As always, I wonder who designs these things in hopes that someone will buy them. Then I want to know, did she buy this for herself as a warning to her spouse/family or was this a holiday gift from her husband who was merely stating the obvious? Yet this chick wore it proudly. And on a pink hoodie, no less.

Insult to injury.

I am guessing by the varied clientele moving through this 16 Handles I am going to spend some serious time there with a camera. And yes, my friends, this one gets the MFTA approval – the last one of 2011.

Looking forward to another year of bringing you the most ridiculous things that life has to offer. May you all be safe tonight and remember, if the bitch is back, wear it.


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Which one is your glass?


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If you think I’m a bitch…


… you should meet my mom?! Too funny, especially if you ever met my mom, the sweetest human being on earth.

Ah, nothing like a day in Lake George, the capital of the charmingly cheesy. Miniature golf, wax museums, salt water taffy, fudge, soft ice cream and of course, the tackiest T-shirts on earth.

I always wonder who the hell buys these things. Ok, maybe this one is funny enough to buy as a gag gift, but who actually WEARS them.

Then you sit on a bench and people-watch for awhile and you see all those shirts go walking by. Yes, Middle America is alive and well and dropping the green on tacky Ts. 

Crap, I hope my daughter doesn’t own this shirt…

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The perfect gift

This is off season but so damn funny that I had to share it. If you are an email subscriber click over to the blog because this is a must see video. (thanks Jo, for sending this)

I passed this along to Gary in an email titled, “remember, it’s almost my birthday”.

Here’s his response:

I wonder if those explosives can fit in a camera?  Naaa…  It would probably just blind you and I’d have to walk you around for the rest of your life.

His undying love for me is truly touching.

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at 50-Something Moms Blog. For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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