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Which one is your glass?


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They won’t call me a prick anymore!

Well, this is a major relief. Late last night I received the email below :

noprickTalk about a subject line. Really, who wants to be called a prick anymore. Especially those of us who had no idea we WERE being called a prick. And quite honestly I only know a select few people who even use the term prick regularly. Don’t most people use the word dick? Or maybe douche bag?

On that subject I feel compelled to tell the story of a fellow overvolunteer mom (who will remain nameless). She was stuck in the throws of a PTA project that was wearing on her last nerve. The women who she was dealing with were more than she could handle. One of her dear friends was on the committee with her. My friend (no really it was not me, it was a friend) sent her an email to the effect of: ‘Let’s hope this last version will fly with these douche bags.’ 

Unfortunately she committed the worst crime of email, accidentally replying all to the email. This resulted in copying these said douche bags on the correspondence.

Ooooo boy. Not funny to her, but her friend and I found it most entertaining. We came up with all sorts of covers for her. Like she could start the meeting with ‘I am so happy all you douche bags could make it’. Then move on to tell them that she uses that term affectionately.

Yeh, kind of weak.

I went so far as to take a Summer’s Eve package graphic and create a nametag for her friend. Ok, too much free time on my hands. I just can’t help myself with graphic support!

Back to the email above. This came from Adtek Guide in Elkhart, Indiana. Could not find these guys on a quick search but I am curious about why the picture did not come in on my email. And seriously, what was this email all about.

Anyone? Wendy?

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