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God’s Love We Deliver Thanksgiving


There are events in your life that change you. In big ways. That make you think, OMG why have I never done anything like this before?

This Thanksgiving we were fortunate enough to be part of just such an event, the annual God’s Love We Deliver Thanksgiving effort. Yesterday, we woke at 4:15 (ok, so I tend to be up then anyway, but Gary is certainly not), hopped into the city and jumped on the assembly lines of one of the most remarkable machines of humanity that I have ever seen. With logistics precision coupled with an undying spirit of combined compassion, humor and the sheer joy of volunteerism, 950 people came out to donate their time in the wee hours of Turkey Day to help make the holiday of the seriously ill a little more bearable.

In the neighborhood of under 7 hours, almost 3400 meals were assembled and delivered to 2014 homes; not just for clients, but for a guest, caregiver and children under 18 living in those homes. Not to be forgotten are the countless hours spent by the staff, prepping and cooking those meals.

Volunteerism. My dear friend Karen says sometimes she thinks that it is actually not a selfless act, but more a self satiating one, for the need it fills in all of us to help others. I cannot argue that point, for as amazing as receiving these meals is for those in need, the way we felt yesterday morning was a greater gift than we could ever provide. The people we met are veterans; most volunteers for this org are staff volunteers, meaning they work a set weekly shift, many more than one. The spirit of both having fun and the seriousness of the task is second to no other volunteer experience I have ever had. These are the kind of people we aspire to be. There is no place I can imagine spending Thanksgiving morning ever again. I have taken a big swig of this koolaid and nothing has ever tasted better!

Full disclosure, the over the top icing on the cake of this experience for us was that our oldest child, Jana, is the newest member of the GLWD staff. As a volunteer specialist, she took her special brand of camp counselor people skills and ran around with her clipboard and iPad, learning the ropes as the newbie in the dept. In the few short months that she has worked there she has experienced their gala fundraiser, worked the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, The Race to Deliver AND survived Sandy and her aftermath where they lost power and scrambled to save food and still deliver to those in need. Watching her do a job she loves AND being able to participate… Priceless!

Post Sandy has made me very reflective. I have yet to be able to finish my thoughts on that experience and get them down here, but I will. For now, I can say that being so incredibly fortunate surrounded by so much need has left me feeling highly motivated to do more. This chronic volunteer is ready to kick it up another notch. There is something about ground level, specific task driven volunteerism that leaves you feeling like nothing else.

The world is pretty broken, go out and fix a little piece.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and consider donating a portion of what you save on Black Friday to those in need. Hey GLWD is a good place to consider.


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They won’t call me a prick anymore!

Well, this is a major relief. Late last night I received the email below :

noprickTalk about a subject line. Really, who wants to be called a prick anymore. Especially those of us who had no idea we WERE being called a prick. And quite honestly I only know a select few people who even use the term prick regularly. Don’t most people use the word dick? Or maybe douche bag?

On that subject I feel compelled to tell the story of a fellow overvolunteer mom (who will remain nameless). She was stuck in the throws of a PTA project that was wearing on her last nerve. The women who she was dealing with were more than she could handle. One of her dear friends was on the committee with her. My friend (no really it was not me, it was a friend) sent her an email to the effect of: ‘Let’s hope this last version will fly with these douche bags.’ 

Unfortunately she committed the worst crime of email, accidentally replying all to the email. This resulted in copying these said douche bags on the correspondence.

Ooooo boy. Not funny to her, but her friend and I found it most entertaining. We came up with all sorts of covers for her. Like she could start the meeting with ‘I am so happy all you douche bags could make it’. Then move on to tell them that she uses that term affectionately.

Yeh, kind of weak.

I went so far as to take a Summer’s Eve package graphic and create a nametag for her friend. Ok, too much free time on my hands. I just can’t help myself with graphic support!

Back to the email above. This came from Adtek Guide in Elkhart, Indiana. Could not find these guys on a quick search but I am curious about why the picture did not come in on my email. And seriously, what was this email all about.

Anyone? Wendy?

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