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Daddy Fa fa fa fashion


Today’s dad has so little time in his day. But that does not mean he has to rush off to his kid’s play without looking his best.

This guy has got it goin’ on. Pairing a Long Island Carpet Recycling black long-sleeved T with those classic – never go out of style – half camo, baggy shorts is a big win. The black kicks with the matching black no-show socks are the obvious choice for spring footwear.

But nothing says, ‘hey, I am the ultimate family man’ like finishing this ensemble off with a Coach diaper bag.

It is so very clear to me that he is on the phone with his wife to find out where she put his penis.

Ok, that was mean, I just had to go for the obvious laugh. Admit you were all thinking the same thing. And don’t start getting all dads are equal parents and there is nothing sexier than a dad taking care of his kids on me. That was my life in a big way and we wouldn’t have done it any other way.

I just had a more gender neutral diaper bag.





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Dock Shoes

So, you are invited to eat at a dockside waterfront restaurant. You look in your closet and think, ‘These will be the perfect shoes to wear for such an evening.’

I guess if you are smoking crack, maybe!

What the hell? This young woman – she could not have been more than 21 – was wearing these babies with a skin tight micro mini white lace number. Sort of like hooker-not-so-chic. These gave tacky a whole knew meaning. The peace sign anklet has me a little confused. It surely did not go with the rest of the outfit.

We never did get the chance to see her walk on the deck in these. I am hoping her date had a good grip on her arm.



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Big Yellow Butt on Houston

All this talk of Instagram this week had me clicking away just a little more than usual. I am also a big fan of Hipstamatic, I sort of like their filters better. But hey, they didn’t make a BILLION freakin’ dollars this week! Craziness, right? I am guessing there were a lot of tears in the Hispta-office this week.

Back to this picture. Colored jeans are all the rage this Spring and I know this because I have an (almost) 23-year-old daughter, a fashion blogger writing for me and a retail fashion client. Certainly NOT because I would put this 50-something, big ole butt in a pair of yellow jeans. And if you know me, khaki is the brightest color pants I would ever wear.

I would imagine it would be hard to drive west on Houston St. and not almost hit the car in front of you with that colossal sunshine booty looming on top of that building. Butt (cheap, I know)… I assume that was exactly what the Calvin Klein Art Director was thinking when they designed the billboard. I am thinking this will probably sell a lot of yellow jeans. Sadly, I am afraid they will not be all that flattering on everyone.

From a strictly artistic point of view (because I truly could not care less about fashion trends), I love this image. The crazy sky, the super bright colors of the billboard and all that industrial scaffolding (the Puck Building if you were wondering), the urban architecture and just a hint of red peaking through here and there.

Honestly, art is way more interesting than big yellow butts.

Or is it?

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The Bitch is Back

Once again, I stumble upon the absurd. This time I had my girls with me – Jana and Natasha. They pointed her out and we could not believe our luck. Sitting innocently in the brand new 16 Handles in town, enjoying a little froyo delight, this woman comes walking in with 3 middle school boys. To be perfectly honest, we were first distracted by her definitely, but not intentionally, dyed magenta hair – this was a redhead gone bad situation. Then we were aghast at the size of the frozen yogurt with many toppings that she had chosen. I am not sure I could eat that much on a dare.

As she was perusing the extensive toppings bar the girls saw it; that unbelievable embroidered declaration on her left arm : The Bitch is Back.

Now let’s think about this. As always, I wonder who designs these things in hopes that someone will buy them. Then I want to know, did she buy this for herself as a warning to her spouse/family or was this a holiday gift from her husband who was merely stating the obvious? Yet this chick wore it proudly. And on a pink hoodie, no less.

Insult to injury.

I am guessing by the varied clientele moving through this 16 Handles I am going to spend some serious time there with a camera. And yes, my friends, this one gets the MFTA approval – the last one of 2011.

Looking forward to another year of bringing you the most ridiculous things that life has to offer. May you all be safe tonight and remember, if the bitch is back, wear it.


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Potato Chip Hat

Stalker that I am, I took this shot from afar in a parking lot. I could not believe this fabulous hat! This woman was all decked out for what looked like a rockin’ family celebration at the Olive Garden.

That hat is so fine I can only hope she gets to wear it again.

One day someone is going to catch me doing this.

Not today ; )




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Old Hippie Stylin’

We saw this guy at the same music festival where we saw the Hokey Pokey bumper sticker; it was quite an amusing day.

So, I look at this guy and I think, OK, this is a music festival and he is feeling his old hippie oats and wants to wear this outfit that makes him look like… well it makes him look like he just crawled out from under a rock. I mean, it’s not like he was wearing tie dye or something. This outfit was NEVER stylish in ANY era. The shoe and sock combo is to die for on their own but paired with the matching floral cabana set it is hard to look away from this fashion accident.

Anyone want to speculate whether he dresses like this everyday? And if yes, what do you think he does for a living?


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Clothing (or why everything looks like my bathrobe)

I have this bathrobe that I absolutely love. It is the replacement for one I left in a hotel in Madison when I moved my daughter out this fall. For those who are wondering about this item it looks like this and comes from the Gap. (go ahead, click that link, buy one and tell me it is not love!)

No that is not me, I would never where white pajama pants?

Away I went for the weekend and packed (all my black clothes that apparently look like my robe) and one pink sweater because Ellen told me I needed ‘a splash of color’ and she has been sick and I did not want to upset her.

First night there I wore my black dress that really doesn’t look like the robe but, well maybe. Got up to go to the pool and put on the black beach cover-up that ok, maybe looks like the dress from the night before but not the robe (I think).

Next night, we were getting dressed and I put on a shirt and the response was, “Seriously, that kind of looks like your robe.” So I changed and put on a tank and a vest. And the response to that was, “Give us a break, that really looks like you just cut the sleeves off the damn robe.”

Which leads me to this…

if the robe fits wear it. Who cares what anyone else thinks.

(ok, so I wore the pink sweater that night).

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