Old Hippie Stylin’

We saw this guy at the same music festival where we saw the Hokey Pokey bumper sticker; it was quite an amusing day.

So, I look at this guy and I think, OK, this is a music festival and he is feeling his old hippie oats and wants to wear this outfit that makes him look like… well it makes him look like he just crawled out from under a rock. I mean, it’s not like he was wearing tie dye or something. This outfit was NEVER stylish in ANY era. The shoe and sock combo is to die for on their own but paired with the matching floral cabana set it is hard to look away from this fashion accident.

Anyone want to speculate whether he dresses like this everyday? And if yes, what do you think he does for a living?


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12 responses to “Old Hippie Stylin’

  1. lynn

    He’s a House Painter.

  2. lynn

    He’s a Science Teacher.

  3. lynn

    He’s a retired Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager.

  4. lynn

    He bags groceries at the local Piggly Wiggly.

  5. lynn

    He’s the CEO of an engineering corporation.

  6. lynn

    He founded PayPal.

  7. Too precious! He is likely a hairdresser or broadcast journalist; a disproportionately small backpack typically indicates work in one the aforementioned fields. I find hippies to be some of the most underutilized entities of 21st century fashion. Remember: every ounce of pot holds the equivalent of one pot of gold 🙂

    Pepper S.

  8. Rina

    He makes pussycat earmuffs

  9. Ivy Mindlin

    Hey, whose to say what’s stylish. From under his rock he is known as the “The King of Fashion” and he has a job of “stylelist!!!”

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