Dock Shoes

So, you are invited to eat at a dockside waterfront restaurant. You look in your closet and think, ‘These will be the perfect shoes to wear for such an evening.’

I guess if you are smoking crack, maybe!

What the hell? This young woman – she could not have been more than 21 – was wearing these babies with a skin tight micro mini white lace number. Sort of like hooker-not-so-chic. These gave tacky a whole knew meaning. The peace sign anklet has me a little confused. It surely did not go with the rest of the outfit.

We never did get the chance to see her walk on the deck in these. I am hoping her date had a good grip on her arm.



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6 responses to “Dock Shoes

  1. I just want to know how you got that shot without drawing attention to yourself?

    • You know that discretion is one of my best qualities ; ). I pretended to be checking email. Love the camera phone.

      • HumorMe

        That’s sick, literally. Although it’s just a picture of her shoes, I’m freaked out abt u taking that picture w/out her knowing/permission…very disturbing to even think of all the loonies making videos n taking pictures of ppl w/out their knowledge. Another thing, she can walk around naked and still reserve the right to wear the peace sign. I don’t understand why u were confused re: outfit and anklet w peace sign.

  2. So sorry to offend. I am a bit surprised that in this age of hyper-documentation the photographing of someone’s anonymous feet would be so shocking to you. This blog is all about observations, but know that you will NEVER see a recognizable likeness of anyone without their permission. As for the peace sign comment, it actually matches naked way better than these shoes.

  3. margiyogi

    Sort of like hooker-not-so-chic. Ha. Oh this reminds me of last week driving by a youngish looking gal walking on the sidewalk rather shabby-hooker-meets-hippie looking. When I recognized her as a woman who rents in my office bldg, newly divorced, and my age, I felt part freaked out a little, and part, alrighty then, you go girl.

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