No wife?


What’s the shot that this guy has a woman living in his house?

Wife: Hon, why don’t you put on your plaid shirt and completely different plaid shorts today, they look so good together.

Husband: Oh, great, and then I can put on a pair of white gym socks with my sandals and round out the outfit.

I took this shot on the same boardwalk as the kid on a leash, dog in a stroller and recession rosaries. AND the 3 hens 3 girls and Hot… Dogs on leaving the zip code. I almost had photographic whiplash by the end of that day! Forgive the posterization, I had to screw around with the levels to get the plaids to read as I was shooting into the sun. Don’t you just hate it when absurdities don’t position themselves in the correct direction?

I am surely no fashionista. Let’s face it, I wear predominantly black clothes. I consider khaki a color. But I am always amazed when I see this kind of blatant fashion violation.

No, this is not even a fashion issue, this is a complete lack of recognition of complimentary design elements and the principles of clashing. This guy is different from the inappropriate T-shirt guys. Those guys made a conscious choice to be what they considered funny or clever, even if they weren’t. This guy? Did he get dressed in the dark? Did no one ever tell him that plaid needs a nice solid to balance it out. Has he never noticed that others don’t dress like this?

Then of course, I got a little sad. What if he lost his wife and she always told him how to dress?

Or maybe, just maybe, the conversation above really did take place.

It takes all kinds.

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3 responses to “No wife?

  1. Jodie

    I could cry laughing at your blog this morning — but “I don’t have the time.” Going to camp!

  2. Doctor Jimmy

    Only Lead Singers for Rock bands and Head Counselors can dress like this….and still get laid!!

  3. Oh, I laughed till you said maybe he lost his wife. Now I feel sad for him…

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