Clothing (or why everything looks like my bathrobe)

I have this bathrobe that I absolutely love. It is the replacement for one I left in a hotel in Madison when I moved my daughter out this fall. For those who are wondering about this item it looks like this and comes from the Gap. (go ahead, click that link, buy one and tell me it is not love!)

No that is not me, I would never where white pajama pants?

Away I went for the weekend and packed (all my black clothes that apparently look like my robe) and one pink sweater because Ellen told me I needed ‘a splash of color’ and she has been sick and I did not want to upset her.

First night there I wore my black dress that really doesn’t look like the robe but, well maybe. Got up to go to the pool and put on the black beach cover-up that ok, maybe looks like the dress from the night before but not the robe (I think).

Next night, we were getting dressed and I put on a shirt and the response was, “Seriously, that kind of looks like your robe.” So I changed and put on a tank and a vest. And the response to that was, “Give us a break, that really looks like you just cut the sleeves off the damn robe.”

Which leads me to this…

if the robe fits wear it. Who cares what anyone else thinks.

(ok, so I wore the pink sweater that night).

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3 responses to “Clothing (or why everything looks like my bathrobe)

  1. Awww, you are only trying to be comfortable! I’m sure when it comes down to getting spiffed up for a night out, you know how to do that. My daily attire would not make the fashion pages for sure but it’s comfy and I could care less what others think as long as I’m clean and smell good! 🙂

  2. Ronni

    You look much prettier in your robe!

  3. Laurie

    I agree…I have it in red. Total comfort and great when you travel. BTW, 12 days in Europe and my suitcase looked like a dark hole. I brought some colored pieces but black won out…except for the robe! XO

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