If you have ever owned  Labrador Retriever puppy you already started laughing at the title of this post. My last lab was a chewer as a pup as well, but it was so long ago my memory has faded. I am pretty sure that Iko is way worse. To give you an idea, here is a list of what she has chewed or eaten in the past few weeks:

  • A leather flip flop (see above, she did quite a nice job on this one)
  • 2 pairs of vintage prescription sunglasses and a nice bite out of the lens of a brand new pair (yes, I know, stop leaving them on the counter)
  • 2 plastic bins that we kept her toys in (BTW,red plastic comes out exactly how it went in)
  • A few indestructible dog toys from manufacturers with claims that they cannot be destroyed (they have not met Psycho Iko)
  • A couple of mouthfuls of Biotone (this is a garden fertilizer and required an emergency trip to the vet with the bag and a call to poison control. They told us it is not toxic and she will just violently projectile vomit… um, that is how we knew she ate it, but thanks.)
  • A ballpoint pen (leaving a blue birthmark on the side of her face)
  • A client’s check (perhaps she ate the pen to forge my signature on the check)
  • Countless sticks, flowers and terra cotta pots (she loves the garden)

Shall I go on? I guess you get the picture. Hey anyone want to dogsit this weekend?


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5 responses to “Labragoat

  1. Thinking about a muzzle are we.??

  2. I hear you! Contact lenses, glasses, perscription meds,(resulting in vet bill) Chi iron cord, shoes, etc! We dont leave things laying around, he steals them off the counter in a split second when we’re not looking!

  3. Bitter Apple. Spray everything, every week. Worked for all my labs.

  4. German Shepherd. Ate: 4 baguettes french bread, 1 pair VERY expensive riding boots, 1 wooden shelf (really?), 1 container raw polenta (who eats this???), 1 jar cous-cous (nobody eats this – except Kobe)
    , 1 jar peanut butter 2 bottles canola oil & 1 of olive oil, 1 jar honey, 1 cherry pie, 1 Chihuahua harness, 1 Down comforter – KING sized, 1 pkg Fig Newtons, 1 pair reading glasses, and I don’t even KNOW what else. Can you tell we were gutting the kitchen? Why I have not strangled that dog, I don’t know. I seriously considered gluing his teeth together after the riding boots episode… By the way, he considered Bitter Apple Spray to be a condiment.

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