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A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find

I love the names of nail polish colors. Sometimes I will pick one just because of its name. This could be my favorite of all times. Riki was wearing this on her fingers (way too bold for me) and when she told me the name it was a near obsession.

I always wonder what the department that names these must be like. When I first graduated from art school I had the lofty design job of working in the graphics department of a major lingerie company. You know those ridiculous bra tags that hang right in the middle making it impossible to see how they fit? Yeh, well I designed those. Very rewarding. And equally rewarding was the job of this woman, Fay, who worked in office next door to us, chain smoking and making up lingerie color names all day long. Picture this if you will:

Fay walks into the room puffing on a butt and in a scruffy voice that could only be compared to Harvey Fierstein, she would ask, “What do you think of wisteria?”

Well, you know, as a vine it is not bad but I am not thrilled with the fact that it attracts bees. Oh, you meant for a bra color. Yeh, sure, ok.

I have been wearing Beach Party for quite awhile because, well because I love to have a beach party on my feet. But A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find… can’t beat that one. Even the manicurists were giggling at the name.


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Time to Cry Tuesday – Boyz 2 Men

Hold on to your kleenex, kiddies, we are in countdown mode till the youngest child goes off to college. I will spare the drama, but this post had to be written.

Those who are walking down this road with me, we all know that this will be the fall of doing whatever the hell we want. And that surely does ease the pain of letting go. But every so often there is a moment. One that gets stuck in your throat and makes it just a little harder to breathe than you would like.

This past weekend I got my boy back for a few short days between counselor at camp and freshman at college. As we pulled into the zip code he had just enough time to shower before we were off to a 5 family farewell dinner with some of ‘his boys’.

Of course we had to torture them with the cameras a bit. But I am pretty sure that this post will make them glad that we did. For in picture number one below, you will find some of the very same smiles as picture number two. They may be hard to find, what with the facial hair and the hunky builds (I knew you guys would love that one), but they are the very same smiles that kept us moms going all these years.

We cheered at the sidelines for all these athletes, and of course virtually for our ‘mathlete’. We have lived through your joys and disappointments together as a community of families as if each and every one of you were our very own; because in essence you were.

We let you puke on our couches (as little ones) and in our cars (as not so little ones). Our homes were all yours, and of course so were our fridges and pantries. Never once did our love for you fail, even when your judgement sometimes did. The friendships you have shared through these years are nothing to be taken lightly.

May you always know the feeling of someone having your back the way you have here with each other. And may your moms survive this without putting you over the edge.

I love you all. Now go out and be all you can be.

And for G-d’s sake, be careful!

Oh, and of course remember to come back and eat me out of house and home whenever your hearts’ desire.


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The Most Patriotic Dunkin Donuts in America

I took this picture at a Dunkin Donuts near my house. I was taken by the 8 American flags flying proudly on the roof. Hey, I am as patriotic as the next person, but 8 flags on one establishment. What the hell?

I would love to know the backstory on this one

Any thoughts?


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You say it’s your birthday…

August 15th is a big day around these parts. It just happens to be the day that I am picking up my boy, and my girl’s boy from camp. But that is not all, today is MY MOM’S BIRTHDAY!

So kiddies, whether you know her or not, I would love nothing more than for you to wish my mommy a very happy birthday. For if you knew her, there would be no better present than tons of wishes. (FYI, if you are reading this on facebook or email, please take the time to click over to the actual blog comments so she can read them all, thanks)

Mom, the picture in this post is one of Jana’s special shots of your favorite place.

And of course there will be cake.


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Bumper to Bumper Stickers

Wow, can you imagine spending the evening with this person? I had a headache just standing next to his car.

Of course my favorite one is:

‘I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe’

I am not sure there is anything else I can say to top that.


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Goony Golf

Yes, Dr. Jimmy, this is the post you have been waiting for.

A perfect summer day in Lake George. You:

A) rent a boat

B) have drinks at The Sagamore

C) play Goony Golf

By the title of this post you know that the answer is C but you can’t for the life of you understand why it won out of A and B. Here are just a few examples why:

Mother (strangling the) Goose.

Mary (the proctologist) had a little lamb.

And of course the proverbial Black Hole. I am pretty sure I have a dozen or so single socks somewhere in there.

Oh, and in case you were wondering…

Not going to lie, a good time was had by all. But next year…

it’s either A or B, hands down.


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You know those people who give you their schedules? This can happen in a volunteer setting or at work. Sometimes even for social plans. You ask them if they can help and the next thing you know you are listening to a droning list of kid’s activities, doc appts, hair, nails, work, family functions, yadayadayada.

Seriously folks. As if my to-do list is not boring enough I need to listen to someone else’s proctology appointment into grocery shopping into board meeting into sugar magnolia (that last one is for you Deadheads out there)? Or worse get the details.

To say this is a pet peeve is an understatement.

And then I realized that I was a schedule texter today. A friend asked where I was and on and on my list went in four part harmony complete with meetings, dry cleaner and chicken soup. (yes chicken soup in 90 degree heat – Jana has a cold and I felt bad for her, if you must know).

So what does this make me? Yep, a schedule spouting  bee-otch. And worse, that text went out to the person who I usually commiserate with over the schedule people.

So, Karen, this one goes out to you and I owe you a drink for being the recipient of the dreaded schedule.

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