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Ask About Our Duck Feet


Of course I asked. I mean, look at that sign!

There I was picking up Houdini  Iko after she tortured every person at the dog groomer  her bath today, and this sign taunted me from the counter.

Me: Laura, I’m asking about your bag of 20 duck feet. Are they real?

Laura: Yes they are.

Me: Ok, that is more than I needed to know about them.

Then I spent the rest of the day picturing Iko with 20 duck feet in her mouth at one time because she jams as many items in there as she possibly can. Someone please tell me why giving your dog duck feet (20 or any number for that matter) is desirable.

And what do they do with the rest of the duck?

UPDATE: alas, Mashable has an answer to all those footless ducks 


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WTD – What the duck?

This is one of those stories you can not possibly make up. And proof that no matter how old your kid is, it is guaranteed that he/she will continue to do things to throw you off guard and cause havoc in your life.

Picture this. Two college student cousins on a family vacation on the Cape. One night they start getting into a conversation about what would be a cool pet to have. They remember a Friends episode with a pet duck. One thing leads to another, google is involved and the next thing you know they have ordered 6 ducklings online.

Fast forward  a week and some duck food arrives at my girfriend’s house. ‘What is this about’?, she asks her 20-year-old son. Um, we ordered some ducks as pets. ‘Yeh, right’, she thinks and goes about her business.

Until a few days later when she gets a call from her son:

Son: Hi

Mother: Hi

Son: Ummmm, hi.

Mother: What?

Son: are you home?

Mother: of course I am not home, you know I am at work and I am crazy busy. What can I do for you?

Son: Wellllll… the ducks are going to arrive to day.

Mother: that is unfortunate because I am at work and so are you so those are going to be some fried ducks when we get home.

They worked it out, had someone come over and let the ducks in and when they got home the son created an environment for them in the garage with a car roof carrier and a cooler, rigged with some netting to keep the raccoons out.

So my friend asks herself, “What the duck? I mean are you ducking kidding me?!!

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