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Ask About Our Duck Feet


Of course I asked. I mean, look at that sign!

There I was picking up Houdini  Iko after she tortured every person at the dog groomer  her bath today, and this sign taunted me from the counter.

Me: Laura, I’m asking about your bag of 20 duck feet. Are they real?

Laura: Yes they are.

Me: Ok, that is more than I needed to know about them.

Then I spent the rest of the day picturing Iko with 20 duck feet in her mouth at one time because she jams as many items in there as she possibly can. Someone please tell me why giving your dog duck feet (20 or any number for that matter) is desirable.

And what do they do with the rest of the duck?

UPDATE: alas, Mashable has an answer to all those footless ducks 


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Zukes Dog Treats vs. Bear Naked Granola

There really is no contest, it is all about point of view.

If you are a dog, it’s Zuke’s hands down. If you are human, the Bear Naked wins; if not by taste, surely by name. Naked is cool; Bearly Naked is intriguing.

What the hell is she talking about, you ask? Well, these highly similar packages sit right next to each other on the shelf in my pantry. So say you are a bit preoccupied in the middle of the afternoon with all the work you have to finish and you are making a little yogurt snack and figure the Bearly Naked would be lovely sprinkled into it. And then let’s just say you weren’t really looking and you…

Ok, you ALMOST poured the Zuke’s into it. Look at this photo, it really was an easy mistake!

I posted this on Facebook:

Note to self: do not store dog treats and granola in similar zip lock packages on the same shelf in the pantry. #justsaying

My favorite response came from my friend Jessica (her comments never disappoint). I LOVE her mom for this:

Ewwww. My mom used to put the fancy dog treats in a candy dish and all the men would dig in… so gross

Just another day in the life.

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