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CSI Nursery School




I saw this in a parking lot last Sunday and it struck me as so funny. Is this where the little investigators go to train?  Instead of blocks and legos do they do fingerprint dusting and dna testing?

Oddly enough, CSI does not stand for Crime Scene Investigation, but rather Congregation Sons of Israel. Apparently no one thought about how ridiculous this might be when they abbreviated their synagogue name. But then to make a sticker for the nursery school (I thought the PC name for that is pre-school), and use a handprint, no less… no one? Not a soul thought about the humor?

Personally, I would have done a fingerprint as a logo instead of a handprint, but hey, not everyone is a graphic professional.

Having sat on a synagogue board in the past – where the discussion of roof tiles and catering chairs, traffic patterns and fundraising efforts are discussed for weeks on end… this?

Yep, I will crown this with the famous MFTA status.

(And yes, I think I might be back to blogging. There are simply too many wonderful things that amuse me lately not to share.)

mfta approved



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It is a mortal sin?

Here is another famous picture from my morning walk. I did not realize there was someone in this car until after I took this picture and started walking again.

Yes, I am a little concerned that one day someone is going to be less than thrilled that I am taking a picture, but till then I will continue to be unusually ballsy.

I posted this on facebook and found out from my old friend Brian, who owns a surf shop, that this is actually a sarcastic bumper sticker made by skaters.

That makes it ten times better, don’t you think?

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That post title should get me some interesting traffic, don’t you think?

This photo was sent to me by my friend Wendy. This was a great week for blog fodder bird dogs. Thanks everyone for making this such an easy week to post.

If you look closely, this is a sticker for Lower Slower Delaware. A little Googling and I found out this is what they call Sussex County, Delaware. Great sense of humor, wouldn’t you say? I like this blog with the subtitle ‘It’s not a drug, it’s a way of life’.


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Bumper to Bumper Stickers

Wow, can you imagine spending the evening with this person? I had a headache just standing next to his car.

Of course my favorite one is:

‘I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe’

I am not sure there is anything else I can say to top that.


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Don’t be a dick…


Life is good.

Ok, do I really need to say anything else here? Just one thing:

I wish I waited in that parking lot to see who got into that car. 

(please also note Grateful Dead dancing bears sticker)


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