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CSI Nursery School




I saw this in a parking lot last Sunday and it struck me as so funny. Is this where the little investigators go to train?  Instead of blocks and legos do they do fingerprint dusting and dna testing?

Oddly enough, CSI does not stand for Crime Scene Investigation, but rather Congregation Sons of Israel. Apparently no one thought about how ridiculous this might be when they abbreviated their synagogue name. But then to make a sticker for the nursery school (I thought the PC name for that is pre-school), and use a handprint, no less… no one? Not a soul thought about the humor?

Personally, I would have done a fingerprint as a logo instead of a handprint, but hey, not everyone is a graphic professional.

Having sat on a synagogue board in the past – where the discussion of roof tiles and catering chairs, traffic patterns and fundraising efforts are discussed for weeks on end… this?

Yep, I will crown this with the famous MFTA status.

(And yes, I think I might be back to blogging. There are simply too many wonderful things that amuse me lately not to share.)

mfta approved



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Where the Party At?

Oh the suburbs! You just never know when the zip code will give you a little laugh.

Garbage day, that is a concept you don’t know from in the city. But here in the burbs we have set days that the garbage is put out at the curb for pick up. 

The other morning, after the dog walk (the wandering rascal is leashed for this) I was talking with the neighbor and his adorable grandson when I noticed that there was some garbage at my curb that I did not recognize. (yes, I am very close with my garbage if you must know).

Get this, it was a Coors Lite 12 pack. I certainly do not drink Coors Lite and Gary does not drink at all! And if you are all paying attention out there, the hormonal teens in my house are away for the summer. In this box were the empties, a few crumpled snack bags and right on top, neatly placed, a stack of red plastic cups like the one above. A regular little party on the go, if you will.

I am not sure if this is just a thing in our town, but for some reasons teenagers always drink beer out of these red Solo cups. Never blue or white or clear for that matter, only these red ones. HS kids here have actually gotten in trouble with the school district for having Facebook pics holding these red babies. Very incriminating indeed. (I am thinking their civil liberties might have been violated there, no?)

I digress, sorry. Being the CSI queen, or as Gary has dubbed me more than once, the Dick in the Mouth Detective, I came to the conclusion that some teen in the ‘hood did not want to get caught having a party while the rents were out and got up early to unload the evidence with my garbage.

Not only creative, but I have to say I was rather impressed at the environmentally sound means of disposal. I am thinking at that age we just left them on the closest street corner and ran away.

Ahhhh, GenGreen, how could I get mad at these little degenerates!

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