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Time to Cry Tuesday – Laughter and Alchohol

Sometimes that is all you need to knock out what ails you. Seriously, 10 days of antibiotics, countless cups of tea and honey, more bowls of chicken soup than I care to think about and I still was not feeling like myself.

It would appear that all I really needed was one night with my 3 girls – the ones who have known me since 6th grade. The same ones who can say one word and set off the kind of laughter that makes my face ache and my sides feel as if they will explode… in a really good way.

Add a few glasses of wine and a crisp morning walk the next day to chase away the time-release hangover. Halfway home from that walk one of them said to me, “you are SO not sick anymore”. And she was right.

Life is hard. Shit happens. Things don’t always go as planned. Illness lingers and stress is ever-present.

So what!

A little fun on the rocks is all any of us truly needs to counter the demons.

Thank you to my O’side girls; who know everything there is to know about me and love me anyway. Who let me lie in their beds and facebook stalk with me on the iPad, laughing until we cry. Who share their clothes, let me eat off their plates, play practical jokes with me and even ‘break’ a guest or two. (hey, every once in a while someone has to be sacrificed for the good of the joke – it’s harmless).

Feeling very fortunate indeed.


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No Time to Cry – Fat Tuesday

Ok, I admit it. I have fallen hopelessly in love. No, don’t worry, I am not leaving my adorable husband. This love affair is with ‘Nawlins, my friends. And what better day to blog about it from the rooftops, if you will, than on Fat Tuesday? So for this week, Time to Cry Tuesday will be replaced with No Time, in celebration of Mardi Gras.

If you have been following along here at i could cry, you would know that I have become quite infatuated with all things New Orleans. Hating to be cliché and ride the post-Superbowl wave, but timing is everything. At the same time that the Saints took center stage I visited The Big Easy for the first time. And I am still trying to figure out how I could live 50(ouch) years without ever visiting a place that is so aligned with my essence.

The season of New Orleans has come, and who deserves it more. The spirit of the place has survived one of the worst natural disasters on American soil, and it still comes bubbling up, sticking it’s tongue out with a big wide drunken grin screaming ‘ain’t nobody gonna beat dem Saints – who dat, who dat!”

When we visited, the streets could spontaneously break out into song and a turn down a little alleyway could bring us upon the most spectacularly off beat gallery. A place truly built on art and music, this town is irreverent, ballsy, and quirky. And even better, it seems to not put all that much value on botox, brands or bank accounts. Um, does this sound like anyone to you guys? Are you starting to see the resemblance?

This past Saturday night we had a blast at the 4th Annual Nolafunk Mardi Gras Ball at Le Poissin Rouge on Bleeker Street. We went to see Bonerama perform but loved Tab Benoit as well. I am sure Big Sam’s Funky Nation was just as– well – funky, but a few hours of 95° heat, dancing, singing and crowds was enough for us.

I stood near the stage with those horns blowing, behind the world’s oldest hippie, the costumed characters marching through the crowds, feeling like this mass of humanity was one big living breathing party organism and it was impossible to not fall madly in love. Somewhere around the second chorus of Aiko I lost my voice and could not care less.

The thing about the New Orleans culture is that it is all-inclusive. The crowd at this show was not one of posers, or rockers, blues guys or jazz aficianodos, these people were not skinny or fat, young or old… this was a crowd of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. There is something about that music that brings everyone together in one place for one reason and one reason only – to have an amazing time. To love life even when it sucks. To get out there and feel the joy of the music no matter what your troubles are when you leave. Not just survivors, but more soldiers of feel good.

I suppose if I were asked what city I would most want to be, I might just have to say New Orleans.

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at 50-Something Moms Blog. For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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Where the Party At?

Oh the suburbs! You just never know when the zip code will give you a little laugh.

Garbage day, that is a concept you don’t know from in the city. But here in the burbs we have set days that the garbage is put out at the curb for pick up. 

The other morning, after the dog walk (the wandering rascal is leashed for this) I was talking with the neighbor and his adorable grandson when I noticed that there was some garbage at my curb that I did not recognize. (yes, I am very close with my garbage if you must know).

Get this, it was a Coors Lite 12 pack. I certainly do not drink Coors Lite and Gary does not drink at all! And if you are all paying attention out there, the hormonal teens in my house are away for the summer. In this box were the empties, a few crumpled snack bags and right on top, neatly placed, a stack of red plastic cups like the one above. A regular little party on the go, if you will.

I am not sure if this is just a thing in our town, but for some reasons teenagers always drink beer out of these red Solo cups. Never blue or white or clear for that matter, only these red ones. HS kids here have actually gotten in trouble with the school district for having Facebook pics holding these red babies. Very incriminating indeed. (I am thinking their civil liberties might have been violated there, no?)

I digress, sorry. Being the CSI queen, or as Gary has dubbed me more than once, the Dick in the Mouth Detective, I came to the conclusion that some teen in the ‘hood did not want to get caught having a party while the rents were out and got up early to unload the evidence with my garbage.

Not only creative, but I have to say I was rather impressed at the environmentally sound means of disposal. I am thinking at that age we just left them on the closest street corner and ran away.

Ahhhh, GenGreen, how could I get mad at these little degenerates!

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