You know those people who give you their schedules? This can happen in a volunteer setting or at work. Sometimes even for social plans. You ask them if they can help and the next thing you know you are listening to a droning list of kid’s activities, doc appts, hair, nails, work, family functions, yadayadayada.

Seriously folks. As if my to-do list is not boring enough I need to listen to someone else’s proctology appointment into grocery shopping into board meeting into sugar magnolia (that last one is for you Deadheads out there)? Or worse get the details.

To say this is a pet peeve is an understatement.

And then I realized that I was a schedule texter today. A friend asked where I was and on and on my list went in four part harmony complete with meetings, dry cleaner and chicken soup. (yes chicken soup in 90 degree heat – Jana has a cold and I felt bad for her, if you must know).

So what does this make me? Yep, a schedule spouting  bee-otch. And worse, that text went out to the person who I usually commiserate with over the schedule people.

So, Karen, this one goes out to you and I owe you a drink for being the recipient of the dreaded schedule.

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7 responses to “Schedules

  1. LOL. I really do get a kick out of your blog. You are a 21st century philosopher, I am convinced of it.

  2. “… into board meeting into sugar magnolia” made my morning. I have to say that today my schedule goes into space/drums. Sugar Magnolia would be a blessing.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. sandysays1

    Schedules are another reason we canines are the superior species. We don’t schedule nuttin’. My human is a slave to a schedule even though he doesn’t talk about it. Take time to sniff the air about worryin’ about how much time you’re wastin’.
    Try it you’ll like it.

  4. I have been reading some of the articles on your website this morning andI have to say that I am really enjoying them. There is a lot of good information here. I will be coming back soon for some more reading.

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