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The Blizzard and the Bread Shelves


photo credit: brownpau flickr

Sitting in my warm house (so far), we are hunkering down for what the media has whipped us all in a frenzy about: Winter Storm Juno.

Preying on the PTSD of a still Sandy-shocked population, they have had a field day with this one, and the supermarkets were evidence of that. I will share two observations and then I am off to start some serious drinking.

First, the empty bread shelves in the supermarket. I live in an area where more people are living a gluten-free, carb-free life than I care to think about. Why then, are the bread shelves in the supermarket close to empty. I predict there is going to be a lot of closet gluten-rich activity going on out there through this storm, no? Oy, the inflammation!

Second, is the insane desire to make sure one has eggs, bread and milk in the house at all times. What is this? Is there a direct correlation between a pending storm and the need to eat french toast?

As my dear friend Joanne pointed out just around the time that she talked me off the ledge about my Snow Warrior husband having left too late and being caught on the road forever, this is a misguided list. There are, in fact, 3 things that one must have in a storm, but they are not eggs, bread and milk… they are wine, toilet paper and coffee.


Stay safe everyone, and I will see you on the other side. Hopefully with power.




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Seder Snowstorm


If you listen carefully this morning, you can hear a collective sigh of women throughout the midwest and east coast pondering pounds of brisket and gallons of chicken soup, wondering who will make it to their seder tables tonight. To think that our past worries were whether there would be an egg shortage due to the Passover/Easter proximity.

Here we were – certainly those of us who work full time – thinking how brilliant it was that the first seder fell on a Monday. We partook in leisurely shopping over the weekend instead of the midnight run to the all night grocers. We cooked in our pajamas and workout clothes and our phones were spared the gooey matzoh ball mixture of conference calls past. We set tables with extra care and woke this morning able to still put in a fairly decent day’s work before the reheating begins.

We plan and G-d laughs. A pending spring snowstorm that doesn’t even have the decency to show up early enough for any of our guests to be able to make a show/no-show judgement call before early afternoon is sort of the big Mother Nature FU.

My phone started buzzing with texts last night: “Weather update?”, “Any cancellations?”, “You changing yours to Tuesday?”

Holiday misery loves company.

Tonight, instead of the Four Questions there will be only one… will anyone be sitting at our seder tables?

In case not, anyone interested in a boatload of Jew food?




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Snowman Condom – Part 2

Just when you thought it was safe to be a living, breathing snowman in my neighborhood… Snowman Condom2. Last month the small one was featured here on i could cry and here she is again, with a friend… double protection if you will.

This family has to be the most committed to snowman preservation in the entire zip code; maybe even the state! I ran into the dad the other day after the big ice storm had coated the new big guy with a nice solid glaze. He seemed so happy in his confidence that it would take forever for this one to melt, while the little one was actually doing some modified version of the camel pose (that was for you yogamom) but still going strong.

When I woke this morning to the sound of rain against the window in my now virtually gutterless house, I had more than a pang of anxiety about the fate of those snowmen.

Sure enough when I went for my walk, there they were in all their condomized glory. And the big guy had that fabulous belt, to boot.

I can never give up this morning walk. Screw the heart-healthy benefit, there is way to much blog fodder to miss.


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Time to Cry Tuesday – Snow Fatigue and the Baby Monkey

Are you suffering from Snow Fatigue? Or perhaps PTSFS (Post Traumatic Snow Fatigue Syndrome). Then again, how can we reach the post- traumatic phase when the damn snow keeps falling? Enough already, right?

This morning I was listening to another weather report warning me of yet more accumulation – this time with the added treat of ice on top of all the snow. Just at the moment that I thought I would surely scream, my son sent me an instant message with a link. It simply said, “My friend showed me this. I knew you would love it.”

Now, there is really nothing on earth better than a kid that knows you so well he can imagine you sitting at your desk cracking up at a ridiculous video. It was as if he could feel my weather disgust halfway across the country and knew just when to send out some relief. Funny thing about having a stupid sense of humor… I am pretty sure it is genetic.

So, my poor frozen Northeast friends, here is some relief – Danny style, to chase those blues away. And for those who are in more temperate climates, you will just love this for no other reason than it is so endearing. Warning: you will be singing this song for the better part of the day.


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Time to Cry Tuesday – Old Dog in the Snow

This old girl has always loved the snow. She would be the first one out the door and the last one back in. But 11 some odd winters have played havoc on her old bones and for the first time she had a really hard time this year. Granted we got slammed with a foot and a half and moving around was hard for everyone.

But her heart wanted to bound while her body knew it did not have it in her anymore. Don’t be too sad. She had a modified snow day. And she seemed content to lay in the sun in the front hallway for the remainder of the day watching the weather through the glass.

But I will tell you that first thing this morning when she woke up and went to the back door I could absolutely read her mind, “And I am so supposed to go out and pee in this how?”



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Taking the Gold in Snow Shoveling

4:30 AM Wake up to snow… again (damn)

5:30 AM Still snowing, thinking about shoveling. (damn, again)

7:30 AM Drag our asses out of bed and think, “We are so over snow!” (except for Mel, she loves the stuff)


I walked outside and saw how breathtakingly beautiful everything was. And even more beautiful was the sight of Gary in that red jacket halfway through the job!

I love this shot. If not for the signage and his jacket the whole world was black and white. We had just finished our annex shoveling job – our 88-year-old neighbor who I swear is going to propose to Gary if he shovels there one more time. That Danny, he went and had all 4 wisdoms pulled just so he would not have to shovel again!

There has been talk of a snow-blower, but then how would we go for the gold?

Is it almost spring yet?

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We’re Ok

Oh, how I love a good license plate. This was a tough shot. But thanks to Miss Jana literally hanging out the back seat window, in the rain, I have this perfect shot of a plate I must say I am rather jealous of.

I wonder if their other car has a plate that says ‘NOT OK’ for the days when things are not going so well.

After the big blizzard of 2010, or as the news has called it Snowzilla, Snowmageddon or some such nonsense, I thought this was a nice sentiment. We New Yorkers have nothing to really complain about after what DC/Baltimore/Philly have had to deal with this past week.

Gary is OK after insisting upon driving to work and back. ‘Hey, the drive was fine, there was no one on the road.’ Um, could that be because we are in the MIDDLE OF A DAMN BLIZZARD and most people have the sense to stay off the road?

Mel is OK after a full day of playing in the snow.

Danny is OK after shoveling, how many times was that? Maybe 4, plus digging out our 89 year old neighbor to boot.

And I am OK after 3 rounds of shoveling, cooking one kick-ass stew, baking a few dozen muffins all while banging on the keyboard and still getting a good day’s work done. Oh, and I think I have the new facebook all straightened out.

Yep, we’re OK.

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Not a Snowball’s Chance…


Once again, the infamous Mel finds herself on the blog. She is truly becoming an internet celebrity. I am not sure but I think I heard her asking for her own spinoff blog. And I saw an application of name change near her bed… she really does not look like a Perez!

Yes folks, that is a snowball in her mouth. She did cheat a bit as I saw her digging and then she jumped in the car with this. I believe there is a tennis ball in the center of that snow. (again, mention of cold balls, this is getting ridiculous).

Note to self: have car cleaned.

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