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Dr. Mojo

This is one badass license plate, is it not? And being on a cadillac makes it one step more badass. I love the reflection in the chrome on this shot. A perfect photo moment for me.

I wish I had more time to wait and see who came out and drove away in this baby. But maybe I was better off not seeing him; it could have been disappointing. I know… gender assumption. But seriously, do you know any women who would think of driving around with this plate? I mean, I know some pretty badass women but none of them would have this plate. Mojo? I am thinking it is a guy thing in this context.

Feel free to prove me wrong with an example.


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Best License Plate Ever

It has finally happened. Someone has sent me the absolute best license plate ever. And who better to do it than a friend from elementary school. The idea of her running through a parking lot to get this shot while her son looked on like she was crazy does my heart good. It makes me happy to know my kids are not the only ones who think their mother is nuts.

What do you think would be the chance that I could track this person down and they would transfer these plates to me?

You know, so Gary can put them on his car.


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Out of sight



I hope not. I know it has been quite a while since my last post. A few of you have asked where I have been.

It seems after 3 years of consistently blogging every day, life on the other side of the keyboard got a little too acute to accommodate daily posting. It has been a hell of a few months over here. But I am happy to report things are starting to fall back into place (probably shouldn’t have put that in writing) and I am back and ready to roll on a daily posting schedule.

Here’s hoping that you have missed reading about my antics as much as I have missed posting about them.


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Is it me? Tell me that no one else sees these things on a regular basis. It is uncanny how they present themselves to me; and so often in the early hours of the morning when Mel and I are walking (note her little paw in the bottom right corner of the photo).

The owner of this van was about to get into it when I stopped him and asked if I could please photograph his license plate (yes I actually asked this time). He sort of smiled sheepishly and told me that women love this. I asked who ordered it, him or his wife and he gave me a sweet little evasive smile.

I sent it to Gary. This was our conversation later in the day:

Me: Did you get my email?

Gary: Yeh.

Me: Funny, right?

Gary: Did you ask the guy if his wife was carrying his penis around in her pocket all day?

Gotta love my husband. Or should I say LUVMYHUSBAND.


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To Life


For those not of the tribe, L’chiam means ‘to life’. A lovely phrase that I guess I never really thought all that much about. It always felt like one of those boilerplate things you would say when making a toast. Or the lyrics to a song from Fiddler on the Roof.

When I saw this car in a parking lot I got to thinking what a nice philosophy it is. To Life. A grateful sort of appreciate every moment thing.

I also thought it would be pretty rough driving this car in the deep south.

The second thought was my Woody Allen complex kicking in.




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License Plate of the Month

Or Ay Chihuahua, depending upon where you are from.

I love this one. When a plate like this is dropped in front of me while I am at a red light I believe my stars are truly aligned.

Hmmmm… this is my third post about Chihuahuas (and I still have to look up the spelling). One was about an Elvis version of the little varmints and the other had a Grateful Dead reference.

Yeh, I know trichihuahuafecta!


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License Plate of the Week

Ok, look at it for a minute and figure it out.

Got it? Really? What, are you sleep deprived? Look at it again.

That’s right Energy for Less.

So, what does this mean? Coffee drinker? Guy named Les buying cheap energy drinks? Speed dealer with good prices? Let’s put this baby out for a little poll. I am adding in an option to add your own ideas and  I will share them later on. Or feel free to put them in the comments.


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Every once in awhile I come across a license plate that makes me wonder what kind of person would actually choose to have that on their car.

This is one of them. ROTNKID. So pal, your whole life your parents told you that you were a rotten kid so you decided you might as well let everyone else know it. Will it give you an automatic excuse for being a dick on the road?

Can you imagine someone coming to pick you up on a date with this plate? Or worse, one of your kids.

Now if this were a modern age parental plate it would say ROTNBEHAVIOR, because everyone knows you don’t tell your kid they are rotten. That would scar them for life. And maybe cause them to emblazon it on their license plate when they grow up.

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ITZMURDA I tell ya!

Haven’t posted a good license plate in awhile. This one popped up today while I was driving with my parents. My dad was very into helping me capture it and drove up nice and close. I love a family that supports my absurdities.

The best part is the bird dropping just below the wiper.

ITZMURDA. So what do you think this means? Do we have a gangsta on our hands? Or is this commentary on the daily grind?

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License Plate Roundup

I haven’t posted these in a while but the file keeps growing so I thought I would do a round up of my faves. This time around I am going to speculate what type of person drives each car.

Ask Why. How can you not love the person that drives this car? Is it a teacher? A philosopher? Or perhaps a spiritual leader. Or maybe it is just a 5 year old. You would get that if you ever lived with a 5 year old. Seriously, I want to meet the person that drives this car.

Have you figured this one out yet?


Just as I asked how can you not love the person who drives the first car, I ask you, how can you not loathe the person that drives this one? I am thinking there is an open shirt, hairy chest and a thick gold chain involved. And most certainly a cigar.

HOO OUI? Isn’t that supposed to be Hooey? My guess is that a red neck french person drives this car.

If you are not from New York you probably won’t get this one. First what it says and second how ridiculous it is that they have a Mets license plate.

DABRNX = Da Bronx, which is a goof on how people from the Bronx speak. But everyone knows that if you are from ‘Da Bronx’ you should be a Yankee fan, not Mets. And chances are if you still live in Da Bronx with those plates you are susceptible to getting your car keyed or your tires slashed.

Me too! I just like this person because they design and are happy enough about it (in this market) to put it on their plates. Do what you love, love what you do. Or as my friend Lynn says, find something you love to do and then find someone to bill for it.

That should do it for this round. Hope you enjoyed them.

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