License Plate of the Week

Ok, look at it for a minute and figure it out.

Got it? Really? What, are you sleep deprived? Look at it again.

That’s right Energy for Less.

So, what does this mean? Coffee drinker? Guy named Les buying cheap energy drinks? Speed dealer with good prices? Let’s put this baby out for a little poll. I am adding in an option to add your own ideas and  I will share them later on. Or feel free to put them in the comments.


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6 responses to “License Plate of the Week

  1. Amy, 80% voted “other” so far, but the results don’t give us a breakdown. That means that we’ll have to wait for you to post the results. How will I ever sleep not knowing! 🙂

    My guess was: energy panel salesperson, but TheQueen is probably right.


    • Damn! WordPress and Poll Daddy just freaked out on me and I lost all the votes. Now we will never know what the other was!

    • Ahhh, you are in luck Ray. The results reappeared. Here are the other options:
      Alternate (to ConEd) energy provider
      He sells “energy”.growing industry..they give .better prices than ConEd
      energy savings
      solar panel salesperson
      New 5 hour drink for lesbians
      Not quite sure about what that last one means

  2. Neal

    New 5 hour drink for lesbians

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