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Dr. Mojo

This is one badass license plate, is it not? And being on a cadillac makes it one step more badass. I love the reflection in the chrome on this shot. A perfect photo moment for me.

I wish I had more time to wait and see who came out and drove away in this baby. But maybe I was better off not seeing him; it could have been disappointing. I know… gender assumption. But seriously, do you know any women who would think of driving around with this plate? I mean, I know some pretty badass women but none of them would have this plate. Mojo? I am thinking it is a guy thing in this context.

Feel free to prove me wrong with an example.


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Time To Cry Tuesday – It’s only a car (sort of)

For those who have been following along our road to mechanical breakdowns, I am sorry to report we had a true casualty this week in that department. No, not the ill-fated time capsule, that was replaced and it had no real sentimentality surrounding it. You could say it was strictly utilitarian.

But the Jeep… well she was almost part of the family. Bought used and giving us enough headaches over the years to be deemed a child of sorts, we loved her just the same in spite of her short-comings. She sat in the driveway on Jana’s 17th Birthday with one of those huge red ribbons on the hood like they use in commercials. It was that very day that she pulled out of the driveway with Gary screaming ‘Wait!’ for no apparent reason other than she was 17 and pulling out of the driveway unaccompanied. (certainly valid). She trekked the wilds of the Adirondacks for a couple of summers, filled with Jana’s camp friends who grew to love her as we did

Danny sort of half inherited/half shared her with his sister. Truth be told he was never all that thrilled with her although he did refer to her affectionately as ‘the go-cart’. I think he always felt a white Jeep was a test of his masculinity but he comes from the beggars can’t be choosy school of life and knew better than to complain too much about having his own wheels. And after all, he was the last to see her ‘alive’.

I know she was only a car, but like everything over the past few years of kids growing up, this is simply another melancholy moment of letting go of what we have grown accustomed to. The sight of that truck parked next to the house with its University of Wisconsin decal felt so very much like home. It felt like my kids. It gave them wheels, and wings and a sense of responsibility and freedom at the same time. So maybe it is only a car… but only sort of.

We will probably have some sort of ceremony for her when we are all back under one roof at the end of this week. The end of an era of sorts. She surely deserves that much respect.

And now? Well, now we need another car but we surely do not need another car payment. Funny how that happens.

RIP White Jeep Liberty. Thanks for the years of loving service.


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