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Y Kvetch

I had an exceedingly ridiculous day replete with a car that died in a parking lot, a blackberry that kept crashing (but who cares, its days are numbered – iphone 4s is fine for now – they should have just called it a 5 – BTW), an iPad that kept dropping service, a cancelled meeting and yadayadayada.

So I figured, hey, Y Kvetch! I love this license plate. I saw it in a parking lot yesterday and laughed out loud. I always wonder, what drives someone to drive something with a plate like this?

Perhaps the owner of a Ranger Rover has nothing to kvetch about. But seriously, kvetching knows no socio-economic boundaries. And many times those with the most abundant lives have the most robust habit of kvetching.

So, after a day of nothing more than surface aggravation, albeit more than a usual day should have, the Y Kvetch sentiment fit the bill. Hey, maybe we should start a movement.

For those not of the tribe:

kvetch/k(ə)veCH/Noun: A person who complains a great deal. Verb: Complain.  


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I Shlep

This could be my favorite license plate of the year. For those who are not of the tribe, or don’t live amongst the tribe, to shlep is to carry clumsily or with difficulty. But an alternate definition is ‘an arduous journey’.

Arduous indeed. If those window decals are for real I would say there was a hell of an arduous journey to get all those offspring through those institutions of higher learning. If you can’t read them in the photo they include: UPenn, Wharton, Cornell, Columbia University Law School, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Harvard Law School… all on a 25-year-old station wagon!

It could also be very possible that this person just bought all these decals with no affiliation whatsoever to these schools.

But somehow I think not.


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Ah… nothing like a little K9JSTICE. I always think that the dogs should have a fair shot at everything. And if they have been wronged, then by all means they should have their due process.

A little research and I came up with the K9 Justice League. They focus on dog rescue and adoption. Love that!

I saw this license plate on my way home from the city (that is what we NYers call Manhattan… ‘the’ city, you know because we are egocentric and we act like it is the only city). Just before I saw this one I saw YOGALVR and CROWNO2. Is that second one Crow No. 2 , like the second crow or is that Crown O2, like a crown of oxygen?

Could it be possible that I should pay more attention to the road and less to all this nonsense?


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Every once in awhile I come across a license plate that makes me wonder what kind of person would actually choose to have that on their car.

This is one of them. ROTNKID. So pal, your whole life your parents told you that you were a rotten kid so you decided you might as well let everyone else know it. Will it give you an automatic excuse for being a dick on the road?

Can you imagine someone coming to pick you up on a date with this plate? Or worse, one of your kids.

Now if this were a modern age parental plate it would say ROTNBEHAVIOR, because everyone knows you don’t tell your kid they are rotten. That would scar them for life. And maybe cause them to emblazon it on their license plate when they grow up.

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Dr. Hey-Nanny-Nanny

File this under I am pretty sure my son will need therapy after being parented by the likes of us.

Dinner conversation:

Gary: Danny if I was an oby/gyn I would let you come in the delivery room.

Danny: Oh greeeeaaaat. (lots of eye rolling)

Me: That’s lovely. Would the tagline on your business card be ‘Hey Nanny Nanny is my bi-nuss’?

Gary: No, but Hey Nanny Nanny would definitely be my license plate.

(Judy, just a quick question, does anyone in your practice refer to it as the Hey Nanny Nanny? And if yes, do they have it on their license plate?)

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Would you advertise your tiny head?


While driving through a parking lot this afternoon Jana spotted this license plate. Of course I had to circle around and have her take a picture.

This poses the question, why would you advertise that you had a tiny head? I happen to have a head on the smallish side, as does my mom. My brother used to call us pinheads. 


Or do you think this is code for the every man’s answer to every question:

“A little head would be nice”. 

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at 50-Something Moms Blog.

For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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