Ah… nothing like a little K9JSTICE. I always think that the dogs should have a fair shot at everything. And if they have been wronged, then by all means they should have their due process.

A little research and I came up with the K9 Justice League. They focus on dog rescue and adoption. Love that!

I saw this license plate on my way home from the city (that is what we NYers call Manhattan… ‘the’ city, you know because we are egocentric and we act like it is the only city). Just before I saw this one I saw YOGALVR and CROWNO2. Is that second one Crow No. 2 , like the second crow or is that Crown O2, like a crown of oxygen?

Could it be possible that I should pay more attention to the road and less to all this nonsense?


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3 responses to “K9JSTICE

  1. I really dig the ones I can figure out.. even if it takes a little brain work on my part. It’s the “personal personal” ones in code that kinda get on my nerves.. Vanity Plates that only the owner can decipher..

    This is a great one.. awesome post! Thank you for sharing.


  2. Cara

    For the record…us peeps from Fairfield County CT are just as egocentric. We call NYC “The City” as well 🙂

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