Dr. Hey-Nanny-Nanny

File this under I am pretty sure my son will need therapy after being parented by the likes of us.

Dinner conversation:

Gary: Danny if I was an oby/gyn I would let you come in the delivery room.

Danny: Oh greeeeaaaat. (lots of eye rolling)

Me: That’s lovely. Would the tagline on your business card be ‘Hey Nanny Nanny is my bi-nuss’?

Gary: No, but Hey Nanny Nanny would definitely be my license plate.

(Judy, just a quick question, does anyone in your practice refer to it as the Hey Nanny Nanny? And if yes, do they have it on their license plate?)

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11 responses to “Dr. Hey-Nanny-Nanny

  1. rina root

    U need to put HNN on Urban Dictionary, it ain’t there!

  2. judy

    that would be a no….we do have some cute pet names which i can’t discuss here. but after those public service announcements you brought to my attention but i was thinking about getting Pap Schmear on my license……

  3. judy

    oh–forgot to mention—i DID take richie into the delivery room….was that a mistake??

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