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Pop Pop Snappers

This crazy little item was at the counter of a local ice cream parlor. They had all sorts of retro toys like the ever popular Fart Bag, Stink Bomb and Bomb Bag. I am wondering why the vocabulary for these items was so repetitive.

What caught my eye on this little lovely was the usage suggestions:

Bang drop it seemed like an odd description but I can pretty much visualize that one. But ‘throm’ it? Is throm actually a word? I don’t think so. In fact when I google it all I get is a page of sites about thrombosis – an unlikely and rather unfortunate substitute.

So, do you think this is a slang word or was this packaging created in an english as second language factory?


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ITZMURDA I tell ya!

Haven’t posted a good license plate in awhile. This one popped up today while I was driving with my parents. My dad was very into helping me capture it and drove up nice and close. I love a family that supports my absurdities.

The best part is the bird dropping just below the wiper.

ITZMURDA. So what do you think this means? Do we have a gangsta on our hands? Or is this commentary on the daily grind?

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Did you call me a Hotard?!

Situation: The family riding on the downtown streetcar in New Orleans. Me, chattering away about how much I love the architecture and similar thoughts on how interesting the city is.

Jana: Hotard!

Me: What?!! Did you just call me a hotard?

Jana: What? What the heck is a hotard? I was just reading the name on the back of that bus in front of us.

Me: Oh, sorry, I thought that was another one of those words you guys make up. Like the camp language.

Jana: Oh, jeez!

So then we got to talk about what a hotard would be and how it was wrong on so many levels. Think about it. Break that baby down. ‘ho. ‘tard. Both, SO not ok.

Hey, you can’t blame me for thinking this was another one of those slang words my kids seem to know the meaning of and are always trying to explain to me. Like just the other day they spent all sorts of time explaining to me what a meep was.

Now if only I wasn’t such a hotard I might remember what they said.

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