Best License Plate Ever

It has finally happened. Someone has sent me the absolute best license plate ever. And who better to do it than a friend from elementary school. The idea of her running through a parking lot to get this shot while her son looked on like she was crazy does my heart good. It makes me happy to know my kids are not the only ones who think their mother is nuts.

What do you think would be the chance that I could track this person down and they would transfer these plates to me?

You know, so Gary can put them on his car.


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5 responses to “Best License Plate Ever

  1. Fran

    I’ll keep my eye out and next time stalk the owner..I knew you would enjoy it. We all love AZ!

  2. J.

    I bet ILUVAZ is still available. 🙂

  3. e enelson

    i might know someone who can secure the info..hahaha

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