Is it me? Tell me that no one else sees these things on a regular basis. It is uncanny how they present themselves to me; and so often in the early hours of the morning when Mel and I are walking (note her little paw in the bottom right corner of the photo).

The owner of this van was about to get into it when I stopped him and asked if I could please photograph his license plate (yes I actually asked this time). He sort of smiled sheepishly and told me that women love this. I asked who ordered it, him or his wife and he gave me a sweet little evasive smile.

I sent it to Gary. This was our conversation later in the day:

Me: Did you get my email?

Gary: Yeh.

Me: Funny, right?

Gary: Did you ask the guy if his wife was carrying his penis around in her pocket all day?

Gotta love my husband. Or should I say LUVMYHUSBAND.


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5 responses to “LUVMYWIFE

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    So few words, all of them perfect-bwahaha!

  2. Doctor Jimmy

    Notice how the license plate is bent and the bumper shows wear and tear……….

  3. I love bumper stickers and when I was a poor single mom, I collected the sayings (and almost got it published). It even got better once there were personalized licenses. We could share for hours.

  4. Smith

    When I saw this, I thought it was a command… and I’ve never seen his wife so how do i know if i want to “Luv” her.

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