Happy Birthday to the World’s Best Mom

No, not me! I would never be that self-serving. I am talking about MY mom.

This weekend we celebrated a very special birthday with my mother. Through some miracle and lots of corralling of 3 generations of cats, we were able to get the entire family together. Even Danny made it – fresh off the camp bus.

A huge thank you and hugs forever to the Chef love of my life, Don, for making this meal over the top amazing. Big plug for Valentino’s on the Green (might I highly recommend EVERYTHING on the menu)

As my mom put it so eloquently in her little speech after dins, having everyone all together in one place made turning this rather strange number worth it.

Here’s to my mom, the bravest woman I know. Wishing you the best birthday ever. May you always feel the love that surrounded you tonight, and know that we are all blessed to have you in our lives.

Now, if all you readers would be so kind as to come out of the woodwork, please wish mom a happy birthday.


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8 responses to “Happy Birthday to the World’s Best Mom

  1. Happy birthday Amy’s mom! I look forward to meeting you.

  2. Bonnie Brockett

    Happy Birthday Elaine,

    Wishing you much happiness, good health and many, many more years together with your family, all of whom love you so very much.

    Proud you must be of your children whom you raised beautifully.

    May all your dreams come true, each and every day.

    Mazel Tov


  3. Joanne Florin

    Happy Birthday Elaine! You’re a very special lady. Wishing you many more healthy and happy birthdays.

    Love Jo

  4. Paula P

    Happy Birthday Amy’s mom! May you have many more happy years.


  5. Jeanne

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Z! (I will never call you Elaine!!)

    The memories of you from our childhood are filled with smiles, laughs and love. With the exception of you having to remind us the ills of hitch-hiking!

    I will try to make you a batch of your favorite french-fried brownies 😉

  6. Ivy Mindlin

    Happy Birthday “mom”. To an amazing woman who has an amazing family. I’m glad it was a very special weekend.

  7. ronni lester

    To my favorite Auntie Mrs Z….

    The one who was always there to pick me up on Long Beach Road, play with the kids on the beach, have the juciest plums in the cooler and the only milano cookies that did not melt!
    Hope your birthday was as special as you are to all of us!

    We love you,
    Ronni and Squash!

  8. Happy birthday to the perfect Mother and Grandmother. I hope this birthday is everything and more. The Levinger’s love you.
    Love, Linda

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