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Halloween (vol. 2) Tampon Crafts

I was first turned on to this wonderful craft site by a fellow SVMom blogger, White Trash Mom. Her blog is hysterical, I recommend stopping by and checking her out. She has a post with a kick-ass tampon bat on it that I am tempted to craft myself. Although this little ghost here is much easier to make and it has moving eyes. (Ronni and Jeanne you will love it for that reason alone). We were always doing crafts when my kids were little, I wonder if I would have done this with them. 

Yeh, probably. Nothing like having a neighbor ask you where you got those cute little ghosts in the trees. The ones that are so absorbent when it rains.

For those who have been insane enough to follow me from the beginning, I have an affinity for all things tampon. I have written about a crazy tampon site with a bowling for tampons game, a don’t flush the tampons sign in my daughters bunk at camp and even a search term that lead a reader to my blog: obama covered in tampons. Of course the big joke is I have no need for these suckers anymore as I am sans uterus (yes, TMI for sure). Maybe I am just a little nostalgic about it all.

Nah, they are just friggin funny and I am all for a cheap sophomoric laugh whenever possible.

When I was in college we loved to decorate Christmas trees with outrageous handmade ornaments. Candy-pons and mousetraps were a big hit. Hmmm… Doreen, did you start this tampon craft site? I wish I had. Check out the other options. The turkey is fantastic, LOVE the menorah and the toupee? This is laugh-so-hard-I-had-chest-pains kind of funny. Just one item had me a little concerned. What kind of mind would think to make a tampon shooter? Very creative but a little scary.

Yes, I know I was a little link happy in this post, but they all help to give you the big picture, so live with it. 

Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween?

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at Mid-Century Modern Moms where I discuss rabid soccer moms. And at 50-Something Moms Blog… Poor is the New Rich and Sarah Palin Condoms show up here as well.

For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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Top Ten Search Terms (vol 1.)

It is great fun to check the stats section on WordPress and see what search terms have led people to this blog. Below you will find my top ten for the month. Each one has a link (or links) to the posts they must have found – and of course a little commentary.

I am thinking this will be a fun thing to do at the end of every month.

10. big sandwich: this could be one of two: F the Botox. Eat a Big Sandwich or Sandwich Generation, (hold the mayo)

9. what to do if mice are in the basement: Chairman of the Basement (but now that they mention it I am pretty sure there are mice living in the wall of my office)

8. what makes a car stink?: Remember the Stink in Seinfeld’s Car?

7. lab dies at groomers, July 2008: ooo, that sounds awful, my story is just funny. Dog in Street…

6. nail salon dead baby: (I am a bit concerned about why someone would keyword this, aren’t you?)The Grim Reaper at the Nail Salon

5. used her thong to save her life: no, no you silly searcher, that was the bra that saved her:Bras Save Lives (or mammary survival techniques) the thong caused injury worthy of a lawsuit: Thong Danger

4. tampon daughter: Bowling for Tampons (with or without your daughter this is fun) or more likely Do Not Flush Tampons… EVER

3. lazy jew parents send kids to camp: ouch! I will try to let that one slide in the name of being a readership whore. Sleepaway. 10 for 2.

2. i could cry but i don’t want to: I am thinking this person has missed the whole point and probably does not get my sense of humor.

and my number one fave – as I have asked this question many times…

1. am i menopausal or insane: Rebranding Menopause.

Thanks for playing folks and tune back in at the end of next month for more crazy search antics.

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