What to get those ‘difficult’ people on your list

Oh please forgive me this post, but I could not help myself. A quick stop into Urban Outfitters today (no Jana this had NOTHING to do with your Hannukah gifts) and I came across these on the sale table. (can’t image why they were not a sell out).

I am only sorry I did not buy the whole lot of them.

The fact that they sell these does not surprise me. Keep in mind their demographic. And they sell a fart book with sound for goodness sake.

So, if there is a douche bag or two in your life (Ronni, I am thinking you might want to buy a set for that next PTA meeting) or an asshole you just can’t avoid having to buy a gift for, these would come in mighty handy.

I particularly like the design of the asshole plates, that diminishing spiral ending in what suggests to be the asshole of the plate is simply perfect. I am just a little stumped trying to figure out what you could serve on these.

I really think I need to go back and buy them…

Oh, and if you were thinking there is something wrong with your screen, no worries, it is in fact snowing on this blog and will be till January 4th. (you gotta love WordPress!)

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11 responses to “What to get those ‘difficult’ people on your list

  1. cindy s

    thanks for my morning laugh-can you find me more gifts-so i can efficiently run thru the mall and get the hell out quickly? or better yet ill just give you my credit card and names of assholes i need presents for. cya friday

  2. I’m just thinking about the dinner parties one might host with that dinnerware. The ex in-laws, your kid’s boyfriend you can’t stand, your passive-aggressive boss/mother/fiance…..the possibilites are endless.

  3. Too funny! Admittedly it gave me a giggle thinking who just might be deserving of such a gift – then I thought nahhh, NO gift is my silent message.

  4. Neal Shrier

    Obviously, a perfect gift for your proctologist. May I suggest donuts?

  5. J.

    Damn! And we just bought gifts for my in-laws Hanukkah party! I wonder if we can return them and get these instead…

  6. Ronni

    I really only can hope I find oneDB plate on my counterfor every trip you make to Montclair next week!
    love love love
    You will be there Monday right???

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