Bagel and Pap Smear with a side of Santa?

Oh yes, ladies and gent(tile)s, the CBS Cares pap smear commercial has a christian version. If you missed my post last week you can read about it here. In short CBS has created a campaign around gifting pap smears. (that would be a hell of an item to regift, no?) Here is the jewish version complete with cream cheese reference (ew)

Thanks to my friend 24 at heart, I have been made aware that it’s not just jewish guys that think a pap smear appointment is the perfect holiday gift. I’m not going to lie here, I am a little put off that the christian guy is so much better looking than the pap ‘schmear’ jew with the nasal voice. And who could resist the line, “Give her the gift that even Santa can’t deliver”. Check him out (what a babe!)

But… it gets better. You see CBS is an equal opportunity advertiser. So for all you guys out there, this babe is urging us to schedule you a prostate exam. Oh yes, this is not a joke. And the tagline from this sultry blonde would be? “Give the gift that says Merry Christmas, I love ALL of you”. Shouldn’t that have been, “Give the gift that says turn your head and cough?”

What, you say? No woman of the tribe hawking a prostate exam. Oh yes there is! And her line? Oh really, I can hardly type from laughing so hard, “This Hannukah, give the gift of a kosher prostate.” WTF!!!! Again with the food reference. And this hebropsycho has this creepy way of smiling when she says the word prostate, like she is about to… never mind, you know what they say about jewish girls.

Ok, I will have to admit that these are getting attention, but they are kind of like staring at the accident. Since when did secular PSAs go out of style?

I can’t wait to hear the hispanic versions!

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13 responses to “Bagel and Pap Smear with a side of Santa?

  1. getbradstanleypublished

    Those are fantastic.

    (And it really confused me when I clicked on the link and it showed up with the same theme as my blog. Probably confused me more than it should have.)

  2. that is so funny. i do the same thing with I see it elsewhere. i use it on my photoblog too.

    thanks for stopping by.

  3. joyce Keisman

    i just want to know who their focus groups were…..oh and also their advertising agency,

  4. joyce Keisman

    the jewish guy sounds awfully ethnic as does the jewish woman, and the non jewish actors are , as you said, sexy and sultry….
    ‘ a schmea..’ not schmear…ugh i am quite put off by this,i gotta say
    maybe i will boycott cbs, they dont have any good tv show anyway….
    and i wonder if they’ll respond to you….

  5. J.

    Who knew? Great post, Amy. Just forwarded it to my in-laws. 🙂

  6. Neal Shrier

    Kosher prostate? What is that? I have an image of getting a Hebrew National salami getting shoved in my ass!

  7. I cannot believe what is on tv these days! These were really ON? I thought they were clips from Sat. Nite Live! You’re right – the Hispanic version should be great! LOL

  8. Ashley

    Is it just me or do these PSAs make prostate exams and pap smears sound like they’re part of foreplay?

    “It will light up her menorah.”

  9. omg, this is freakin’ hysterical, I just sent it to my husband

  10. My husband said “those last two have NOT been on the TV HERE!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA he is so easily amused!

  11. My husband wants to know who the “over-sight committee on that particular brand of kosher? Is it the Rabbi? Is there someone looking over his shoulder?”

    That is one sick man ya’ll

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