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You CAN pick your friend’s nose

Corbis-nose picking1

Remember that stupid saying,”You can pick your friends; and you can pick your nose; but you can’t pick your friend’s nose”?

I never really got that. I mean, people do all sorts of weird stuff with orifices (or is that orifici?), I would imagine a little nose picking amongst friends might be going on out there with the non-germphobic crowd.

I digress, this post was spawned by an email from the stock photography site, Corbis. I have been a Corbis customer since the olden days of graphic design when they would send out these delicious print volumes of stock photo images and we would flip through the pages to choose the right image. And instead of emails, we would receive teaser postcards with images like these to get us to call and do a search. Yes, I am aware this is the Art Director’s equivalent of the ‘I used to walk to school 10 miles in the snow’ story that my dad used to tell us. All you youngun’s, you will have these stories about archaic, clunky handheld mobile devices instead of the chip behind their ear that your kids will have.

Ughh… digressing again. The point is, the other morning, on a particularly difficult day for me (stay tuned for more on that on Tuesday), the photo above showed up in my inbox. It had that Sleeper-esque feeling about it and just the visual made me laugh. Their 20% headline was excellent for their purpose, but this headline popped into my head:

You CAN pick your friend’s nose.

I know, I am brilliant. What a lovely promo for a plastic surgeon… maybe a 2 for 1 deal! It made me laugh on a morning that laughing was the last thing I thought I would do, so thanks Corbis. But, the best part was yet to come when I clicked over to their site (yes it worked, they got the click-through from me and put Corbis top of mind), I found this photo… the pay off.

The proverbial ‘picked nose’.


Yeh it could be time to pitch a plastic surgery team. Anyone in? Other headline ideas?

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To the Man Driving the Red Convertible on Main Street…

… it is so not ok for you to be picking your nose in that car! (where the hell was my camera?)

What was he thinking? There he was, out in the open, this hot car and he has his finger jammed up his friggin nose to the first knuckle.

And he is digging!

I mean…really!

Here is what I think; when you buy a convertible, part of the paperwork should be a list of what is really not acceptable behavior with the top down. And on the top of that list would surely be PICKING YOUR NOSE.

FYI, we have a convertible. And honestly, you get alot of attention when you drive one. You can be marginally ok looking and people will turn to look at you. I believe the convertible makes you at least 40% hotter than you really are. And face it, it is a drive by. Imperfections don’t show.

Hey, a new line, “F the botox, drive a convertible”.

Have a great weekend all. Off on another road trip…

in the convertible

Note to self, “tell Gary not to pick his nose.”

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