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The Trash Stops Here

Well, folks, I have some sad news. My favorite garbage neighbors are moving! I rounded the corner towards their house this morning only to find this moving truck parked at the curb. This could explain why they had such intriguing trash… they were purging.

Which leaves me to wonder about all the stuff I have been throwing out since the storm (12 lawn and garbage bags and counting… just from my office – no lie). I don’t believe I have anything all that interesting coming out of here. This leads me to believe that I may not be as interesting as I think I am.

In respect for this solemn occasion I am posting links to the posts about this wonderful family’s garbage. These guys will surely be a tough act to follow. Since we haven’t had a poll here in a while, below these links you can vote for your favorite.

More Great Garbage

My Artsy Neighbors

The Dog and Kandinsky

Headless Garbage

Do you think I should go meet them before they go? What if it’s too late?


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Bizarre Neighborhood?

It is beginning to occur to me that perhaps we do not live in the most normal of neighborhoods. I mean, it looks normal. We have neat houses with classic slate roofs and pretty landscaping. Everyone takes pride in their homes and for the most part keeps everything in good repair.

But when I start to think about the condom wrapping of snowmen, the bizarre garbage and the curb side art galleries, it would appear that we are a bit of an eclectic group. Those are all sort of charming, but THIS? The picture at the top of this post was taken at a house with the most bizarre residents. These ‘decorations’ were put up for Christmas but hung around for quite a while. The whole yard was filled with these wacky angels.

Honestly, I am sort of afraid to go past this place at night.

So? Do all neighborhoods have this sort of stuff or is it just us?


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Time to Cry Tuesday – My Little Man

If you are lucky, there is a little man in your life. I have one and he is the light of my days; surely in the warm weather when he is outside bright and early. I start my mornings with a visit from him. Perhaps he is more interested in seeing my dog, but he always gives me a big smile and it is all I can do to stop from biting his little face off. (ok, a bit much)

Ryan is the son and grandson of my dear neighbors. His mom and aunt actually babysat for my kids back in the day; lots of history. We like to think of them as the Irish side of our family. We are blessed to have neighbors that we adore.

Saturday morning I was getting ready to go out when I got a phone call from his grandfather, “Ryan has something for you, can you meet us at the garage door in a couple of minutes?” I opened the door and there he was with a plate of cupcakes for Gary, Danny, Mel (who would have eaten the whole plate if given the option) and I. Look at those little hands, now imagine how adorable his face is (sorry, I don’t post other people’s little kids here, but believe me his face is as cute as his hands).

He was so very proud of himself. Standing there with a grin from ear to ear. He is the best poser I know. And I could not help but think how incredibly lucky I am to have this little man in my life. He loves me unconditionally (as long as I am with my dog, anyway), always has a smile for me and tells a story like no other. No matter how rough a day I am having, a visit from Ryan makes me realize what life is all about. His zest for everything, his 5-year-old humor and mild obsession with landscapers is somewhat contagious (well maybe not the landscaper thing).

Although our new neighbors do have a little girl who may be stealing his affections away from me I am pretty sure I can share him with her because she is equally adorable.

And the best part? He has a little sister who I plan on winning over just the same.

Thanks for the cupcakes Ry!

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Never too old to rock n roll but way too old to shovel

My mother in law called this morning, “Don’t you dare shovel”, she said.

Then my mom called, “Please don’t shovel”, she said.

Me? Oh I am a big shot. I LOVE shoveling. The cold crisp air, the dogs running around, the neighbors being all neighborly. Yeh, one big happy group out there shoveling away, throwing balls for the dogs and snowballs with the kids. (note the heartbreakingly adorable picture of my dog)

Well hear me now world. THAT WAS THE LAST TIME I SHOVEL.

Dinner conversation:

Me: I am pretty sure I am having a heart attack.

Gary: Nah, I am pretty sure you pulled a muscle, that is what manual labor feels like.

Me: What do you know from manual labor? Tennis is NOT manual labor.

Danny: He uses the leaf blower.

Me: (after 20 years of refusing to agree to this) Ok, go buy a snowblower. And make sure it is a big-ass one and gas powered.

I suppose there are times in all our lives where we have to start to realize our limitations and adjust our behaviors. I can rock n roll with the best of them, but the snow shoveling, not so much. And hey, it’s not like giving up something that is all that pleasurable.

Now you will excuse me while I go crawl up to bed with my cardiologist on speed dial (just in case).

(kidding moms! seriously that was just for effect. i am fine, really)

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at 50-Something Moms Blog. For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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