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Bizarre Neighborhood?

It is beginning to occur to me that perhaps we do not live in the most normal of neighborhoods. I mean, it looks normal. We have neat houses with classic slate roofs and pretty landscaping. Everyone takes pride in their homes and for the most part keeps everything in good repair.

But when I start to think about the condom wrapping of snowmen, the bizarre garbage and the curb side art galleries, it would appear that we are a bit of an eclectic group. Those are all sort of charming, but THIS? The picture at the top of this post was taken at a house with the most bizarre residents. These ‘decorations’ were put up for Christmas but hung around for quite a while. The whole yard was filled with these wacky angels.

Honestly, I am sort of afraid to go past this place at night.

So? Do all neighborhoods have this sort of stuff or is it just us?


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