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Confession: I was THAT mom

02987f44146962c00ea7c5e013d8a591These days I feel so far removed from the original I Could Cry Days of having no time. To breathe. To stop and think. To smell the peonies. Now life is more under control. The parenting that I do is more cerebral and my maternal obligations are pretty low stress.

Even after a long, crazy work day, I feel like I have time because I am not torturing myself with the things I think I should be doing. As a working mom, and a lover of crafts, I could not escape being ‘THAT mom’. The one that worked all day but still made party invitations to match my daughter’s dress. The one that made the halloween costumes. And HAD to iron the graduation gown. Who knew this was all way more important to me than it was to my kids?

I stumbled upon this post today. Aside from simply loving his voice, Scott Dannemiller, hit a nerve for me – many years later, but a nerve, just the same. A little excerpt that had me laughing outloud:

“As the man who is married to the person who reluctantly put googley eyes and a graduation cap on all the fruit cups, I feel I am qualified to offer this sage advice to the mothers of the world who do this kind of thing through gritted teeth out of a sense of obligation.

Stop it!

Oh, Scott, where were you when I was sitting at the kitchen table till 3AM icing upside down cupcakes to chocolate chip cookies and wrapping shoestring red licorice around them to make little cowboy hat desserts for the 4th grade class? (what the hell was the theme of that class party, anyway?) That photo above was not my cupcake… a little gumdrop and a potato chip on an Entenmanns could have saved me a hell of a lot of time, though. If only Pinterest existed back then!

The kicker of that episode was that I took the day off to attend the class party and no sooner had I put down the tray of treats, than my daughter looked at me with a green face and said, “I don’t feel so good.” We rushed to the office to see the nurse, only for her to puke across the office floor. (sorry to bring this one up, Jana)

Needless to say she was too busy being mortified to give two craps about my cowboy hat desserts.

If I had it to do over would I have done less of this? Probably not. The thing about being a working mom for me was to make sure I did all the stuff that I would have done if I didn’t work. Was it ridiculous? Of course.

But when have I ever claimed not to be ridiculous?


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Time to Cry Tuesday – My Little Man

If you are lucky, there is a little man in your life. I have one and he is the light of my days; surely in the warm weather when he is outside bright and early. I start my mornings with a visit from him. Perhaps he is more interested in seeing my dog, but he always gives me a big smile and it is all I can do to stop from biting his little face off. (ok, a bit much)

Ryan is the son and grandson of my dear neighbors. His mom and aunt actually babysat for my kids back in the day; lots of history. We like to think of them as the Irish side of our family. We are blessed to have neighbors that we adore.

Saturday morning I was getting ready to go out when I got a phone call from his grandfather, “Ryan has something for you, can you meet us at the garage door in a couple of minutes?” I opened the door and there he was with a plate of cupcakes for Gary, Danny, Mel (who would have eaten the whole plate if given the option) and I. Look at those little hands, now imagine how adorable his face is (sorry, I don’t post other people’s little kids here, but believe me his face is as cute as his hands).

He was so very proud of himself. Standing there with a grin from ear to ear. He is the best poser I know. And I could not help but think how incredibly lucky I am to have this little man in my life. He loves me unconditionally (as long as I am with my dog, anyway), always has a smile for me and tells a story like no other. No matter how rough a day I am having, a visit from Ryan makes me realize what life is all about. His zest for everything, his 5-year-old humor and mild obsession with landscapers is somewhat contagious (well maybe not the landscaper thing).

Although our new neighbors do have a little girl who may be stealing his affections away from me I am pretty sure I can share him with her because she is equally adorable.

And the best part? He has a little sister who I plan on winning over just the same.

Thanks for the cupcakes Ry!

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