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Why Politics are Akin to Sports

I know what you are thinking, what the heck does she know about politics and sports. Not a whole lot, but my dear friend David C. Haas does and this is a guest post on demand from my college friends.  We have a thread going for years now, and if you missed my post about them it is worth a read; they are a lively group. Dave wrote this on the thread today and we voted to give it an airing in the blogosphere. So give this a tweet, a share, a stumble or just read it to a friend; he has great insight. In respect to my friends in the media who do not fit this description, my opinion on this is that it is a generalization about mass media and not an attack on those of you who still take great pride in your craft. 

Enjoy, and feel free to comment.

I know the problem, but not the solution. Politics has become too akin to sports. People are diehard fans of their “team” (Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Green Party, etc.) and anyone who is on the other teams is a jerk only because they are on the other team. People don’t discuss anymore, they defend their team without listening to the other side. The networks have taken advantage of this by recognizing that they can make more money by not being impartial and instead being a booster of one of the teams.

The politicians use the networks to post trash talk on the locker room bulletin boards to psyche up the players (rally the base). The networks are only too happy to oblige and add their own inflammatory commentary which often times omits key facts, exaggerates the truth, or is an outright lie. Media exaggeration and lying have become so commonplace that apparently the politicians seem to think it’s okay and have stepped up their offense to include a new page in the playbook, the Super Spin, otherwise know as an outright lie.

Sen. John Kyl’s commentary that 90% of Planned Parenthood services were devoted to abortion were proven to be false (in 2009 approximately 3% were) and when he was confronted about this he replied that his speech “wasn’t intended to be factual”.

You have got to be kidding me! In any other profession this would not be tolerated. “Well doctor, what do the test results show?”, “I’m afraid you’ll need a heart transplant John”, “Huh, my specialist said it was acid reflux” “Well, ah… I wasn’t talking literally.”

The media used to be the umpires. They would call a foul, then show the instant replay for the fans to see, and the offending player would be penalized. But now the umpires have taken sides and can no longer agree on the fouls. And the fans are left confused and just assume that their team is in the right. But without umpires the game has gotten out of control. Teams are playing to win at all costs. They don’t care if the game suffers while they break all the rules.

Maybe someday the fans will realize that the game stinks, and stop going to the stadiums. And the empty seats will be votes against the teams and for the game.

My only hope is that after a few election cycles were each time the party in power loses, politicians will realize that the people are not voting for Republicans or for Democrats. They are voting against the corruption of the game, and until the players, owners, and league officials, can be trusted to act in the interest of the game, they will be off the team.

– David C. Haas

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Time to Cry Tuesday – Lifestyles of the Rich & Clueless


Prada purple stone nylon patent trim medium tote from Bluefly

Yesterday Newsday ran an article titled, Luxury retailers hit as wealthy LIers cut back, too. Catchy title, right? Actually terrible title. LIers means Long Islanders in this context, but hey, this looks mysteriously like LIARS to me.

In the wake of AIG rage, a reporter did a piece on how the wealthy in my neck of the woods are ‘cutting back’ in reaction to the economic crisis. Touching. Seriously folks, is the best use of ink on paper? Does it help for the average Long Island resident to read these sound bites? It feels as if the media is out there fueling the divide. Why? Maybe because it is so entertaining to read this stuff:

There was a time not long ago when Marina Stern of Great Neck would buy a $1,500 shirt without thinking twice. She can still afford to, she said, but now, she’s more likely to go for the one costing $500.

No I am not kidding, that was a direct copy and paste. Marina, I am thinking perhaps you should have kept that inane comment to yourself, not making you look so good hon. The funny thing for me was that I really had no idea you could actually buy a $1,500 shirt. I mean, what’s the point? Chances are I would probably drop something and stain it anyway.

Don’t worry, it gets better:

While no one has yet requested a plain wrapper for their purchases at Prada in Manhasset, some are asking that multiple purchases go into one bag. “A lot of them say, ‘I don’t want to be too showy,'” an employee said. “What if they randomly walked into a girlfriend who lost a ton of money and their husband lost a job? It would feel funny.”

Funny? SERIOUSLY! Um, only mention of the husband losing a job? Oh right, women don’t work in this group, but apparently they do have the ability to *lose a ton of money*.

Here is another gem:

 “They’re still buying luxury but maybe not the big purple bag with stones on it,” said the Prada employee. “Instead of two $3,000 jackets, they’re saying ‘OK, I have to choose one.'”

Maybe the reason you should not buy the big purple bag with stones on it is because IT IS UGLY! Never mind the $1,000+ price tag.

Ok, enough! You get the point. Understand, this is not the norm on Long Island. Not even on the ‘Gold Coast’. This is a stereotypical representation of the wealthy in our area. They are no different in the OC, or Palm Springs, Miami or New England. These people are a parody. Of themselves perhaps. And the media that feeds off their clueless behavior is adding no value to society.

Hey, things are hard enough out there. Must we feed off this stuff  in anger? 

I will leave you with a comedic comment from the friend who linked me to this article early this morning:

I have vomited from these people my whole life. Now I can openly show my disdain for them. It is fashionable. Lets go to the [local belly of the beast restaurant] and have some fun.  

Perhaps, my friends, this has all simply become sport.

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Are Bloggers the new ‘Media’?


There is much talk about bloggers being viewed, or perhaps narcissistically viewing themselves, as media. Me? I view my self as someone with an off-beat view on everyday life that keeps me entertained and helps me from not going over the edge from the stresses of life. I have long kept my friends entertained this way and started to blog to bring this warped vision to a bigger audience. (friends and family getting bored).

You can only imagine how surprised I was to find a link in my stats that brought me here. For those too lazy or not inclined to click that link, my blog post about CallAhead portable toilets has been featured on their website in the media section! 

This is where I tell Gary about how bloggers get free stuff all the time when they mention people’s products. Hey, CallAhead has a better social media strategy than J&J for Motrin? Yikes, way to go potty guys! Do you guys Twitter? You can find me there @amyz5.

Gary’s response: Great, so what will we get, a free porta san on the front lawn? You couldn’t blog about BMW?

Ok, so here’s the thing. If the social media director at BMW is out there scanning blogs I just want to let you know that I am a really loyal customer and I love, love, love, my X3 and the lease is coming up soon. And Gary happens to have a really sweet 325ci convertible that is getting kind of old and we have a kid in college and another one on the way into college so car $ are tight and I would be real happy to blog all the time about your fantastic products because frankly BMW is my life and we could do a thing called extreme vehicle makeover where you drive away my old car and bring me a new one just because I happened to write about a billboard with a funny slogan on it about being #1 at picking up #2…

Alright, so maybe the CallAhead on the front lawn is a little more realistic.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

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