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Politics, Right to Choose, Religion

Hey, I bet that post title got your attention! Not my usual subject matter. But we may be able to file this entire election under theatre of the absurd, so maybe it is.

I have always held to the idea that these three topics should only be discussed in controlled, moderated environments. More friendships, marriages and business relationships have been tainted by engaging in passionate debate surrounding any of these three. You very rarely sway anyone on any of these subjects. You have your stray party crosser and religious converter, but I don’t think you have ever seen a right to choose flip to right to life, or vice versa, without a major blow to the head.

So here we are, in the throws of campaign season, in a time in history where bipartisan anything seems nearly impossible. We’ve got our first topic throwing our second topic into the land of fear and uncertainty. And topic number three – which in a perfect world would follow the concept of separation of church and state – driving the campaigns of the ultra conservative.

Sort of a mess, huh?

I am not highly political, but I am passionate about the rights that we, as a people, have gained from living in a free and democratic world (star-spangled banner playing softly in the background, please). And I have great concern that these hard-won freedoms like right to choose and marry, will be compromised by the ultra-conservative working to govern these rights on the basis of their beliefs. Yes, that is what drives my vote more than anything else. But it does not drive me to behave like a dick.

I have heard this from too many people lately; spouses, co-workers and life-long friends at each other’s throats on the topic of politics, trying to shove their views down those very same throats. Gone are the days of respectful debate. Don’t get me wrong, I have lived through the cycle of passion/self-absorption/apathy in my lifetime. I get that there is no perfect world. But what I do not get is blatant disrespect for the opinions of others. And wasted hot air, hysterical, fact-bending or outright fictional finger-pointing at the other side.

This is not a one issue campaign. And party lines will be crossed in both directions in the hopes of a magic bullet to cure the ails that were a long time in the making.

My point. Let’s take a deep breath and commit to being civil. Or as my aunt used to say when we were little, “Be Nice.” We thought it ridiculous at the time but now I am starting to get this simple credo.

Better yet, let’s Dance, Grow Things and Try Not to be a Dick.

Says it all, right?


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Why Politics are Akin to Sports

I know what you are thinking, what the heck does she know about politics and sports. Not a whole lot, but my dear friend David C. Haas does and this is a guest post on demand from my college friends.  We have a thread going for years now, and if you missed my post about them it is worth a read; they are a lively group. Dave wrote this on the thread today and we voted to give it an airing in the blogosphere. So give this a tweet, a share, a stumble or just read it to a friend; he has great insight. In respect to my friends in the media who do not fit this description, my opinion on this is that it is a generalization about mass media and not an attack on those of you who still take great pride in your craft. 

Enjoy, and feel free to comment.

I know the problem, but not the solution. Politics has become too akin to sports. People are diehard fans of their “team” (Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Green Party, etc.) and anyone who is on the other teams is a jerk only because they are on the other team. People don’t discuss anymore, they defend their team without listening to the other side. The networks have taken advantage of this by recognizing that they can make more money by not being impartial and instead being a booster of one of the teams.

The politicians use the networks to post trash talk on the locker room bulletin boards to psyche up the players (rally the base). The networks are only too happy to oblige and add their own inflammatory commentary which often times omits key facts, exaggerates the truth, or is an outright lie. Media exaggeration and lying have become so commonplace that apparently the politicians seem to think it’s okay and have stepped up their offense to include a new page in the playbook, the Super Spin, otherwise know as an outright lie.

Sen. John Kyl’s commentary that 90% of Planned Parenthood services were devoted to abortion were proven to be false (in 2009 approximately 3% were) and when he was confronted about this he replied that his speech “wasn’t intended to be factual”.

You have got to be kidding me! In any other profession this would not be tolerated. “Well doctor, what do the test results show?”, “I’m afraid you’ll need a heart transplant John”, “Huh, my specialist said it was acid reflux” “Well, ah… I wasn’t talking literally.”

The media used to be the umpires. They would call a foul, then show the instant replay for the fans to see, and the offending player would be penalized. But now the umpires have taken sides and can no longer agree on the fouls. And the fans are left confused and just assume that their team is in the right. But without umpires the game has gotten out of control. Teams are playing to win at all costs. They don’t care if the game suffers while they break all the rules.

Maybe someday the fans will realize that the game stinks, and stop going to the stadiums. And the empty seats will be votes against the teams and for the game.

My only hope is that after a few election cycles were each time the party in power loses, politicians will realize that the people are not voting for Republicans or for Democrats. They are voting against the corruption of the game, and until the players, owners, and league officials, can be trusted to act in the interest of the game, they will be off the team.

– David C. Haas

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Celebrate the Changing of the Guard


In celebration of our new president, Paste Magazine has put up the most fantastic idea, Obambaicon.me.

Yes, that picture above is the ever fabulous and famous Mel. For those who don’t know her or follow me around the web, my avatar, or icon is a picture of the pup with sunglasses on. She is quite cool.

Obamaicon.me allows you to alter any photo to match the style of the iconic Obama campaign graphic. You can upload a photo or use the camera on your computer to snap a new shot. It also allows you to add a slogan.


Thanks Joe Laves, for turning me on to this. If anyone cares to submit their version to me I will be happy to post them here. Send to a2zdes(at)gmail(dot)com.

And yes, the dog is a liberal democrat who is looking forward to change.

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Election Day is Not for the Faint of Heart (guest post)

Badge - 2008 election

Time to Cry Tuesday is suspended this week for Election Day. I refuse to believe that I will feel the need to cry. I will stay optimistic and hope this country will choose to evolve rather than send us careening into the abyss. That said, the following guest post is a bit harsh, so either fasten your seatbelts or check back later. Today just might prove to be a multiple post day.

This is written by a friend who is both rabid outspoken and endearing. He has spent a good portion of his career in and around political campaigns and his opinions are always fresh and sans BS, albeit crass at times. Nonetheless, when he hits a rant like the one below I sit back and enjoy the ride. (BTW, this usually is accompanied by multiple shots of Patrón – helps it go down smoother) This does not reflect my views, per se, but I sure do love to hear him spew. Damn, should have done a video of this. Inflection and facial expressions are half the fun.

Here goes: 

My advice to BO and the new gang:

Fuck the cumbaya.

Politics is a contact sport. After 8 years of getting your head beaten with a club you feel compelled to bring everyone together?  NO. NO. NO.

You must expel the philistines from the promise land… cut the head of the snake. Clear the Justice Dept. out down to the janitors. Cut the bipartisan shit. They don’t share. They don’t like you. And if you let them stay in the castle they will only endlessly plot against you until they get you… they are not us. They are not sharers. They didn’t read the Kindergarten sharing book. And they must be sent from the promised land. 

If we win both houses, 60 for the filibuster. And the presidency, fuck them. And as fast as you can print new bills fix the shit storm we now find ourselves in. Give me back my civil liberties and rewrite the Patriot Act. Restore our international credibility. Let everyone know loud and clear that in 21st Century America healthcare IS A RIGHT. Start to balance the budget, and try to explain to working people and our middle class that republicans are not like them just because they believe in G-d.

But most importantly, here’s the point:

When you’ve been bullied, you have a choice. Kiss and make up or punch ’em in the nose; I say punch ’em in the nose and send them home. You stand a better chance of it not happening again… or you can be a Democrat and leave the wolves in the hen house. 

And then it will be Palin in 2012.

No justice, no peace.

Wow, I feel better!

I told you he was something else, didn’t I? I am pretty sure I just lost a reader or two on that one. Or perhaps I picked up a few!

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at Mid-Century Modern Moms where they are celebrating their 1 year blogaversary. And at 50-Something Moms Blog… Poor is the New Rich and There is no Hair in Team .

For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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‘That One’ is the new ‘Maverick’

It can’t be easy being a politician these days. The millisecond something comes out of your mouth it is all over the blogs and twitter. It becomes pop culture comedy before the next question is asked. 

Seriously though, the lack of respect used in a comment like ‘That one’ had the crowds going wild. Here is the clip on YouTube. WSJ posted this at 10:57. (how did they type and proof so fast?) McCain campaign adviser Charlie Black said he didn’t believe McCain meant any disrespect and that Obama’s campaign was spinning the remark.

Uh, I think not. That was rude. No matter who you are voting for.

So much noise. And me? I am becoming a noise junky. How did I watch the debate? Having the miserable experience great pleasure of trying to bang out a job before the holiday tomorrow I was watching at my desk. Being a new Twitter junkie user I stumbled upon a website called ‘current’ that was hosting what they called a Hack-a-thon of the debate. 

In short, they streamed the debate and opened up a tagged twitterstream were participants could have tweets visible across the screen.

Translation for those who don’t know what the hell I am talking about. There was a YouTube style screen and people were kind of instant messaging to a common place and their comments would come up on the bottom of the screen.

Ok, so maybe elbow deep in Photoshop layers on a project with a streaming debate including constant commentary may be a little over the top. Even for me. Did I mention that I kept taking screen shots of my fave comments too? Yes, I have a severe illness.

Here are my two faves:

In case you are reading this on a handheld and can’t see the pics, the first one says: Ironic-the Presidential debate is coming on right after “The Biggest Loser”

The second: Drinking on: change, hope, maverick, reform, economy, bailout, nuclear. did i miss any?

What this means is that they were at a debate party where they do shots whenever those words are mentioned. (one drunk crowd for sure). A milder version of this game was debate bingo. I did see a comment later on that said: One more maverick and I have Bingo.

Yes, the game has surely changed indeed.

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