Election Day is Not for the Faint of Heart (guest post)

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Time to Cry Tuesday is suspended this week for Election Day. I refuse to believe that I will feel the need to cry. I will stay optimistic and hope this country will choose to evolve rather than send us careening into the abyss. That said, the following guest post is a bit harsh, so either fasten your seatbelts or check back later. Today just might prove to be a multiple post day.

This is written by a friend who is both rabid outspoken and endearing. He has spent a good portion of his career in and around political campaigns and his opinions are always fresh and sans BS, albeit crass at times. Nonetheless, when he hits a rant like the one below I sit back and enjoy the ride. (BTW, this usually is accompanied by multiple shots of Patrón – helps it go down smoother) This does not reflect my views, per se, but I sure do love to hear him spew. Damn, should have done a video of this. Inflection and facial expressions are half the fun.

Here goes: 

My advice to BO and the new gang:

Fuck the cumbaya.

Politics is a contact sport. After 8 years of getting your head beaten with a club you feel compelled to bring everyone together?  NO. NO. NO.

You must expel the philistines from the promise land… cut the head of the snake. Clear the Justice Dept. out down to the janitors. Cut the bipartisan shit. They don’t share. They don’t like you. And if you let them stay in the castle they will only endlessly plot against you until they get you… they are not us. They are not sharers. They didn’t read the Kindergarten sharing book. And they must be sent from the promised land. 

If we win both houses, 60 for the filibuster. And the presidency, fuck them. And as fast as you can print new bills fix the shit storm we now find ourselves in. Give me back my civil liberties and rewrite the Patriot Act. Restore our international credibility. Let everyone know loud and clear that in 21st Century America healthcare IS A RIGHT. Start to balance the budget, and try to explain to working people and our middle class that republicans are not like them just because they believe in G-d.

But most importantly, here’s the point:

When you’ve been bullied, you have a choice. Kiss and make up or punch ’em in the nose; I say punch ’em in the nose and send them home. You stand a better chance of it not happening again… or you can be a Democrat and leave the wolves in the hen house. 

And then it will be Palin in 2012.

No justice, no peace.

Wow, I feel better!

I told you he was something else, didn’t I? I am pretty sure I just lost a reader or two on that one. Or perhaps I picked up a few!

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